14 December 2011

Red and Green should never be seen... WOTEVS.

Hey hey..

Today I look a bit ridiculous..but nevermind. I'm wearing this green dress (pretty sure it's handmade) that I found in a charity shop the other day and of course my beautiful hat <3
woo sad face!

I almost love this dress...but there is something about it that is just a bit 'off'... I think its the extremely high neck line.. Not usually a fan of really high necks cos i've got a round face and they tend to make it look rounder...but, I've just been jonesing for a green dress for so long that I just bought it on a whim. :P

Right.. I should probably actually get changed cos i'm going to make some mince pies...but first I need to go and post a letter to the student loan company saying  ''I HAVE NO MONIES TO GIVE YOU''..

Ciao for now xx

13 December 2011

Old dress. New hat.

Sup guys?

Wore this ol' beaut yesterday. It was from Primark a couple of years ago... probably one of the most flattering dresses I own. It's that dress that I throw on if i'm HATING everthing else in my wardrobe (or my body). Belt is Forever 21.

There are a lot of..ahem...multitones... going on in my hair, hahah... need to put another colour over it, but will probs do that just before Christmas. Talking of Christmas, I still have SO SO SO many presents to sort out...I've just made a few hundred bucks which is cool but I think i'll be needing this for a deposit on a place in Leamington Spa (where I am moving early next year)... So I dunno. I'm going to sell some things on Ebay which i'll link to when they're up (there will be dresses and vintage mannequins). Also talking of Christmas, I went to visit my mums house to see my stepdad (was his birthday)... and my bro managed to talk her into letting us open one christmas present each (HAHA..she's a pushover..she practically forced me into opening one)..and my lovely present was this hat:


It's Jasper Conran from Debenhams and I am in love with it. You'll probably be seeing a lot more of it hehe :)

Anyways, hope you're all cool and have christmas sorted out better than me ;)

In a while, crocodiles! xxx

09 December 2011

DIY Creative Photo Display Tutorial

Hey guys,

I've got another tutorial for you... this one also makes a GREAT christmas present...especially for grandparents or parents in general. I made this for my sister.

Now, for some reason I just could not get a good picture of it... but it looks fab in real life.

It's basically a new take on one of those multi photo frames. It's more creative, personal and interchangable.
All you need is:

  • An old or new photo frame (I got mine from a charity shop and luckily found quite a deep one)
  • Screw in hooks or nails (got mine from Wilkos)
  • String
  • Pegs (the mini ones were from Hobbycraft and the heart shaped ones were from John Lewis)
  • A Selection of photographs
So firstly you need to remove everything from the frame leaving behind the bare bones. Next, choose your photographs and put them in some sort of order. Measure how much space you need before you put in the first hook (for peg room...only really applicable if you use big heart pegs)... Screw in your hooks. Now, I didn't put my hooks evenly apart because I wanted there to be the little photos mixed with bigger ones but with the space even between them. So once you have all your string up, peg up your photographs!

I like the mix of black and white with colour and this sort of display is so versitle that my sister can change the photos whenever she wants to with minimal effort :) 

ooh and here's a better picture of ma hair :)

07 December 2011

Freshly Dyed Hair and Little Heart Dresses

Hello hello hello...

Today I shall be sharing.. my newly brown hair:

It's pretty god damn patchy...but I'm so glad that I did it, feels so much healthier and hey, it's nice to be dark again! (apologies for non natural lighting, but it's too dark outside now)  :)

Here is the outfit I was wearing before I dyed my hair:
The dress underneath is from H&M...but I got it from a charity shop, it has cute little hearts all over it and I love it.
 Jumper is Forever 21, bag is vintage, socks from New Look, boots from Topshop.

Anyway, yeah... so I'll obviously have some better photos of my new hair up soon with some better lighting, but it's just basically a typical patchy brunette hehe.. I know a lot of the comments i've received over the past couple of months were about how nice my hair was but it was just so dry...it needed a new lease of life!


05 December 2011

Perfume Locket Tutorial

Hey Guys,

As promised, here's my first (edit..second, I forgot about the coasters) tutorial! :D

For my sister's birthday I put together a small gift hamper full of pampering products (cos she's a hardworking mum and I thought it would be nice for when she gets some time off from the kids)

One of the main items in the basket was this lovely little locket which I filled with a homemade solid perfume.

To make this you will need:
  • A locket necklace/ring (I am planning to do it with a locket ring for myself)
  • Beeswax (I got mine from Hobbycraft)
  • Almond essential oil (or any other carrier oil such as Jojoba - I found all my oils in Holland and Barrett and they weren't cheap!)
  • Other essential oils for fragrance (There are many aromatherapy websites online which will give you different recipes and combinations for oils)
  • Little pots to mix oils and a heatproof pot to melt your wax.
First step is to create your fragrance. Mix together your essential oils leaving out the carrier oil until the end (just in case you do not like the fragrance you've made and then you've not wasted it.) The basics are that you need three notes in your perfume, your top note (which will fade first), the middle note and the base note. I used about 9 drops of Rose, 3 or 4 drops of Cedarwood and 1 or 2 drops of Sweet Orange.
Mix your fragrance with 1 tsp of your carrier oil, which in my case was Almond and then it's time to melt the beeswax.
You will need about 1 heaped tsp of beeswax pellets, melt them in a small pot (I used a wok because that's all I had haha) - When it has melted pour it into your pot of oils and mix quickly (if you are in a cold room the wax will start to set very fast so you have to be speedy..or just heat things up again)... When you've mixed your perfume pour it into your locket and leave to set for a few minutes. DONE.

Now you have a very classy perfume locket which make great presents by themselves or within a pamper gift basket.

Also included in my basket was my homemade Sweet Honey Orange Sugar Scrub which I will do a short tutorial on tomorrow as well as showing what was in the rest of the hamper.

I'd love to see your results at doing one of these and if anyone has any nice perfume recipes please let me know, it's really fun to do!

See you later rollerskater xxx

30 November 2011

Plaid and A Sheepskin coat

OK.. So today i'm going for a more 'casual' look than usual...which means a plaid shirt from Forever 21, a black mini and some sheer tights. The shoes were from TK Maxx, they are nicknamed 'The Witchy Shoes'....I like to wear this outfit with this coat cos it looks like I've got nothing on underneath it!

It literally just covers the bottom of the skirt. My old man gave it to me a couple of years ago so that's why it's SO huge...but that all adds to the charm ;)

I'm going to start a few new projects in the next few weeks which  i'll give mini tutorials on..here's what I have planned so far:
  • Vodka infusions (basically creating different flavoured vodkas using different fruits and what have you)
  • Spiced Blackberry Cordial for those cold winter months
  • A perfume locket (going to make solid perfume and put it inside a locket necklace (or ring)..this will probably be the first tutorial as i'm making one for my sister for her birthday which was...yesterday)
  • Body scrub and lotion
  • Lipbalm
And that's all I can think of right now... I'll probably find more, but that'll do, pig!

See you later alligators! xx

28 November 2011

Cakes and Coasters

YO guys.

I have had a hectic few weeks, no time for photos of clothes..but I do have some other photos to show you.
I've spent a while making this New York photo coasters for my mum. We went to New York last year and she's been bugging me for photos, so I thought this would be a kinda nice way to give her a couple.

These have been the bain of my life! They were meant to be black and white, but instead they're now more sepia toned. Quite simple to make, you need a tile, some photos and resin with hardener. I have got resin from a fibre glass kit...so instead of a craft version which would be clear, mine is YELLOW! (I didn't realise this when I got it...)...You need to seriously seal these photos, a lot of my first attempts sucked ass because they faded so much...as you can see these ones have faded quite a lot to this reddy colour, but this is a kinda nice look - it took about 8 coats of lacquer to get them to fade this little..instead of completely. I don't know if this is a different process with a clear resin.
Basically you get photos, lacquer them, stick em to tile, put resin on them, sand down the blobby bits of resin which form underneath the tile, stick felt to the bottom, DONE.

I also made these cupcakes. Chocolate cake with a smooth caramel centre, chocolate fudge topping sprayed with gold edible spray. YUM.
AND...this is pretty much what i've been wearing for the past week now it's cold:

Tomorrow I might do an outfit post! :D

Ciao for now xx

14 November 2011

Asos Outfits

Hi Guys,

Sorry I've been busy these past few days. I've got no outfits to show you, but I have been making ones on Asos which is very addictive.. here are some of them:

SHORT POST! It's Ben's birthday this week so i've been running around planning stuff, but i'll be back to normal next week.


08 November 2011

The Little Spaniard

Hello folks,

First of all, sorry about the quality of the full body shots, I keep forgetting that it's getting dark so much earlier and so the quality is not the greatest.
Today as you can see, I have gone WITHOUT EYELINER...dun dun dunnnnnnn!...Literally every day since I can remember I have worn liquid eyeliner, but the other night Ben kept saying that he loved my eyes without it so...I decided to give it a go. To my surprise, I don't mind not wearing it...which is good!

The look of the day has a bit of a spanish vibe going on. I love off the shoulder things so this blouse was a lovely buy...(forever 21) and the skirt was from Primark ages ago.
Oh and I have my legs crossed in this picture, hence why my feet look totally strange!

In other news, I had my second box from Graze today, full of delicious treats!.. If you type in this code (K7GJ94ZD), you can have your first box for free (and don't worry, you can cancel the rest after you've got your first one).. Its like getting a little present in the post :)

Catch ya later, hot potata xx

04 November 2011

Frilly Socks and A Tongue Tattoo


So again today, the beret makes an appearance...also these new little frilly socks which I got from New Look yesterday.  The dress is from H&M.

I had to go into town yesterday to give some money into Forever 21 so I can go to their xmas do, (HAHA).....Basically, they didn't do one for us last year and as soon as I left it was announced there would be one for this year! *grumble*.....anyway, turns out all the staff are allowed a plus one, so I am GOING to the ball afterall!...it's gonna have a red carpet and a photographer and everything..oooohhh... I already know what i'll be wearing, the only dress I ever wear for big glamourous occasions (the red one with the white frills :D)...and it's figure hugging, so i'm doing an hour a day on the exercise bike to try and tone up a bit... but maybe i'll just go and buy some magic pants aswell ;).

It's so strange going into that place and not being at work there, I kinda miss it in a way...I really need to start applying for a new job though now as my money is running out (surprise surprise)..

Ooooh and before I forget:
I bought these 'Tongue Tattoo' sweets from a sweet shop in norfolk the other week...because I'm REALLY sad... anyway, lols, I have a robot on my tongue. (Actually it's probably come off now, but nevermind)

I'm off to Manchester tomorrow as it's my friends birthday and I promised him i'll go up, so probs no posts till after weekend.. AU REVOIR! XXX

02 November 2011

Another Red Dress

Hey Guys!

Yesterday I went to a few of the charity shops near where I live. I entered one where the guy behind the till remembered me from many months ago when he told me that I looked like I'd just stepped in from a Parisian street.. (LOVELY COMPLIMENT <3) ...and this time he asked me where my beret was and started talking to me in french...to which I replied JE NE COMPRENDS PAS.... Annnnnyway, so today I decided to bring my frenchy side out again and got the beret on my head. Dress is from Forever 21, shoes are from New Look (omg...they are so uncomfortable...The size 4 = too big so I bought the 3...OUCH.)

Got a nice flower in my hair, I used to wear it all the time... it's from Accessorize and it's beautiful.
And man, I am STILL in love with this bracelet....I just LOVE IT. It's from Topshop if anyone is interested.

I am STARVIN MARVIN right now so I'm going to grab a bite to eat and do the washing up...funfunfun. Sorry, nothing much to say today!


31 October 2011

Halloween Costume - Silent Hill Nurse


Hi Guys! .... Halloween is the time of year I always wish I was in America... I've never been over there for Halloween but man, it looks like such a P.A.R.T.Y..... Over here, I have to force people to dress up and go out but nevermind..at least my heart is in it... I had a pretty good night on Saturday, house party and pub dressed up like this.....it's scary..and sexy...yeahhhhhh.... I don't usually do sexy costumes (although last year was KINDA) This year, obviously Silent Hill was my inspiration (my boyfriend went as Pyramid Head a couple of years ago and i'm not sure why I didn't do this then!) ...the mask is made from plaster strips and I'm pretty proud of it. The hat is a a baby's hat (the flap is like a neck protector from the sun) which I got from poundland, and the dress was 6 quid from Dorothy Perkins... Shoes are super old from primark, really comfy but i've ruined them now.
 I could hardly see out of this, which made things all the more fun, and I put a hole in the mouth so I could use a straw to drink.. on the night I had more facepaint and blood on my body but I took these photos before then. 

My only disappointment was the dress really, I wanted a proper nurse dress but couldn't find one anywhere and when this popped up for 6 pounds I felt like it just had to be done!

Last year I was a Pop Art Girl:

Year before I was Wikus from District 9 (love that movie)

And then the year before that I was an Oompa Loompa (haha..scary to some!)

SO...What did YOU dress up as for Halloween?

28 October 2011

Clown shirts and short skirts (and whoopie pies)

Sup guys?

Well let me start off by saying that in the end, I didn't even go with any of these outfits! You know when something just feels off and you don't feel like yourself, well today I'm having one of those days..

So I started off with my 'clown' shirt....oh my boobs look pretty ridiculous in this, but WOTEVS.. and this tight, short knit kinda houndstooth patterned skirt.. Both were from Forever 21. Shoes are from Faith many moons ago.
Alas, I was not feeling it, so first I changed the bottom for this lil ballerina tutu thing from Lipsy..and OH no, I am not feeling this...I am a girly girl, but even this is too much for me:
So then I changed the top and...ugh, no again, too much flesh...it's a bit slutty for a walk around town..ahaha..the top is from H&M..it's like a corset/basque thing with poppers on the front, I got it in Black and Champagne because I loved it a few years ago...doesn't get as much wear anymore though.
(Just noticed I got some SUPER scratches on my leg, it was itching me last night and so I scratched it...but I've scratched it so hard there are actual little cuts :( )

So yeah, in the end i'm just wearing a different dress that I'll take a picture of another time as I need to finish my halloween costume off today (A Silent Hill Nurse...it's going to be GREAT!) . Also a couple of days ago I  made some WHOOPIE PIES!

They were AWESOME! I didn't have any Fluff for the filling so I used some good ol' Birds Dream Topping which was just incredible. If you've never had Dream Topping it tastes like a 99 soft icecream from the icecream van...it's sooooo yum.  So yeah, my diet is not fairing well with these around but nevermind! :D

Hope you're all good... I don't really have much to say in this post..so that's ya lot for now!

Ciao for now! xxx

24 October 2011

More Velvet, Fur, and Decisions about hair colour.

Hi Guys,

I went to visit my sister for most of last week and weekend to see my neice and nephew and all that malarky...it was fun, but man, kids are just GO GO GO aren't they...was glad to be back in my chilled out life. Since i've been back i've going through that dreaded question in my head... SHOULD I DYE MY HAIR BACK BROWN?
Now this obviously isn't one of lifes most important questions but i'll be fretting over it for a few days because that's the gal I am. As derived from one of my previous posts, I can be quite fickle when it comes to my hair and change it regularly (although they seem to be the same changes over and over..I could probably just do with 8 wigs, 4 ginger (one long with fringe, one short with fringe, one long without fringe, one short without fringe) and 4 brown in the same styles.)
Usually when I get this thought into my head (this tends to be when I see a woman in a film with NICE hair, the first time I went 'strawberry blonde' was because of the gal in Big Fish) I'll fret about it for a few days trying to decide whether I prefer the way I look as a brunette or redhead and then about 70% of the time i'll dye it. So you may well be looking at a brunette next week. Oh what hard decisions I have to make in my life *rolls eyes*...Anyways, I went to see Contagion (Laus vote 3/5..it was just OK) and Marian Cotillard has some lovely hair going on in it..which is why the question has entered my brain.

Enough about my hair (although i'd appreciate your input on which way I should go) ...today's outfit, is again...a LITTLE bit vampish..I'm wearing quite a lot of black and burgandy at the moment so it's to be expected. Dress from Forever 21.. should still be in, I only got it last week. Coat was originally from H&M but I got it from a charity shop a couple of years ago, as with all my favourite things...it is falling apart, the pleather has ripped on one side of one of the arms where my bag has rubbed against it.. PFFTTT... Frustrating!.. Can't remember where the hat was from, I THINK it may have been a gift from my mum..but not sure... I could've worn my black one, but...I DIDN'T. Oh and the necklace was a christmas present from Ben last year, I do love it..but as the chain is not actual silver, the colour has all rubbed off..so I need to find an actual silver chain.

OH I just found this picture from when me and Ben first moved in... I am missing the dark sultry locks..

See you soon, you crazy loon! xxx

18 October 2011

Dark Lipstick, Lace and Fur

Hey guys,

Yesterday I bought one of the Kate Moss lipsticks from Rimmel. It is number 4, which is a super dark purple. Not entirely sure why I bought it, cos I already have a few purple lipsticks and could really have done with a new red. Oh well!...I love a good dark vampy lipstick and today I definitely vamped it up with a lil collection of lace, lipstick, heels and fur.. :). (ps, I am actually not wearing the kate moss one in these photos haha)
 Sorry I keep cropping my shoes off!

I wore this fur shawl. It is real fur, but it was a gift from one of my dad's friends who has had it for years from when he used to work in the Theatre apparently.

Nice blur there!
Here's a close up of the lipstick (and my eyebags :P) ..It's actually a mix of a couple. This lipstain in Royal Plum and a Sephora lipstick (which is a really reach plum colour...I can't find it online soz!)

Now these shoes are a pair of my FAVOURITES!..They are Kurt Geiger, gold sequined courts with a black sequin bow on top. They are probably the best fitting shoe i've ever worn. I usually have mega problems cos my feet are quite narrow, they're inbetween sizes and it's just MEH.. But yeah, these are awesome.

Here's a better pic:

AHHH..beautiful shoes!

ANYWAY, I've been looking at a lot of clothes online but because i'm on a budget I can't afford them all..so I'm hoping you'll help me out... what shall I get out of these?

This is from Boohoo.. it's only 20 quid and I love the shape of the bottom and the colour.

This is from Asos.  £45 quid...and A GORGEOUS COLOUR!..seriously, this looks beautiful.

This is from Ark.. £20 in the sale... main reason for liking this is the colour
This is also from Ark, £27...again, I LOVE the colour..not too sure how I feel about the complete lack of sleeves though.

This is from Dorothy Perkins, love the style...and I DO like the colour, but I'm just so desperate for something GREEEEN.

OWH, I just saw that the other dress I wanted has sold out :(

As you may have noticed..I am desperately seeking a green dress, a proper true emerald green to go nicely with my red hair. I can't find a nice one anywhere, so if any of you have seen one, LEMME KNOW!