28 September 2011

Floral Dress - Charity Shop Find!

Hey everyone,

Today I am feeling much more happier than yesterday - this is because I found a cool little dress in a charity shop today and it's very sunny and warm outside releasing my happiness endorphins!
I've noticed recently that i'm struggling to find good stuff in charity shops and when I do they seem to be expensive!...Well not expensive, but expensive for charity shops..like I almost didn't buy this cos it was £9...how tight does that make me seem?! (yet i'll spend £40 on a pair of trousers that I probs wont even wear that much.) Charity shops have defintely been putting their prices up though and I guess that's why i'm reluctant to buy - I want that great deal I could have had 3 years ago when this dress would've been £3.99 not £8.99! This is pretty ridiculous because Charity shops probably should be trying to get as much money as they can but there is still this part of me that wants that deal! Oh well, it's still so much cheaper than the real stores and the money goes to a good cause so i'm not all that bothered. ANYWAY...I need to get this post done sharpish because we have 60p left on the electricity meter and I want to get some more before we lose power.

Now here's the dress and it's from Next.. It said size 10 on the charity shop label but when I got it home I realised that the size is actually 15yrs..haha, no wonder it's tight on the boobs! I can button it all the way up but it flattens my chest and looks rather peculiar so the nice thing about having the button down back is that I can just undo them and fold them over - looks cute huh. :)

Here you can see how the back folds over

It has quite a lot of material and if it were a bit shorter i'd probably put one of my underskirts underneath it.
And finally here you can see how i've rocked it up with this cool ass bracelet from Forever 21 (oh where else) - ps My watch is antique.

My nails have got one coat of gold nail polish on which in some lights looks clear and in others looks gold and that lipstain is the best lipstain i've ever used and they don't sell it anymore - seriously...before lipstains got all popular in stupid felt tip pens, Bourjois created Rouge Hi-Tech liptint.. If ever you want a lipstain, buy this one (from the internet)!

PS. Thanks for the encouraging comments on yesterdays post - I feel all silly now :s

See you later, hot potata! xxx

27 September 2011

Polka Dot ankle Length trouser difficulty

Hi guys,

I'm feeling a bit MEH... the other day Sarah from The Stylish Heart blog posted this amazing outfit of a navy swing jumper and the most awesome green polka dot ankle length trousers ever! (the lovely outfit in question) and I thought...maaaan, I just gotta get me them trousers!
Now, I am not usually a trouser girl at all! I have literally one pair of trousers - a highwaisted massive palazzo pant covered in a 70s floral print... I bought them cos they look incredible, but do they look good on me? Well..thats another story for another post but today we're talking about these green badboys. I went into Topshop, they had one pair left, they were a size 10... I was like, WAHEY...so I went to try them on and they fitted alright and I bought them. Now...today I come to take photos of these trousers and oh man, have I made a mistake? I am only 5"1, I have a short torso and mahoosive boobs..... it's not the right combination. I want to be waiflike, tall and slender but I am not, and no matter how thin I could get I never would be. Let me just tell you now that this is something i've learnt to live with and although I would ideally like to probably be a couple of sizes smaller I do infact like my figure, I like my curves, the shape is good and I feel sexxxxxxxxeh! BUT....god damn, these trousers make me feel like a whale...and it makes me realise why I love dresses! I don't really know what type of trousers I should go for, I feel like i've tried them all on and they are look like cack but I should've probably not gone for these ankle skimming (well they're a bit longer than that LOL) lovelies.
I've tried on a bunch of different tops but not one I like... I'd probably want a swing jumper like Sarahs to hide my tummy but in hiding my tummy it would also make it look massive cos it would hang off my boobs! I JUST CAN'T WIN! What do I do? I'm keeping the trousers because I still love them no matter what but what the hell do I wear with them? SUGGESTIONS PLEASE!
Here are a few of the combinations I came up with (and I have obviously chosen clever photos where I don't look horiffic :P)

So firstly we have the red jumper from Forever 21.. This looks pretty nice in this photo but it looked terrible in others, this is one of my favourite colour combinations.
Tie dye long top, um...this doesn't really work at all does it. Oh dear!

Purple blouse from Forever 21 on awesome lil blazer from River Island.. this is OK, I had my trusty pirate shoes on but i've gone for the nude in the end just for the extra length on my legs. (The nude shoes are from 
New Look)

Crazy yellow blouse from New Look - this piece is ace, I love ridiculous sleeves!...sorry not the best photo but you get the idea.
So people, what do you think? Do you have problems with trousers too? Any top tips on how not to look like a lil' stump? Let me know...PLEASE!

Now i'm going to comfort eat with some biscuits and a cup of tea hehe.

See you later, rollerskater xxx

26 September 2011

Drive, Green Tights and a Beige Dress

Yo yo yo.

Today I went to see Drive, it was pretty cool!  I mean, the first thing that hits you is the pink font for the credits and the incredible synth in that ^ song...  You can tell it's gonna be good from the getgo. Ryan Gosling is The Driver, a ridiculously cool guy without a past who doesn't say much and doesn't need to. Carey Mulligan is Irene, a young single mother who becomes The Driver's love interest - there are lots of knowing lovers looks and lil smiles but she is a bit miscast in the role and as she doesn't get to do much, we don't really get to know much about her. We get thrown around from this blossoming love story to incredible yet cinematic violence and gore which straps you to your seat and wont let you look away - slow motion shots teamed with the killer soundtrack make this film feel special and although it has a few flaws it also has some greatness (see: Elevator scene and The Mask at the door). Laus rating 4/5

On to todays outfit. Well this dress is super old, but I still love it..I wish wish wish I had bought it in the navy colour too...but nevermind. It was from Primark and has a really flattering fit - If i'm ever feeling a fat day or just a crap day this dress is probably the one i'll pick out to wear. I usually like to wear it with bare legs and high heels but today I went for these strange green tights and my new velvet green boots from topshop.. It definitely changes up this outfit but I think i'll always prefer the bare legs and high heels ...my legs look pretty stubby with this combo! Sunglasses are also from Topshop :)

Oh and these boots are so much brighter in the sunlight, they look amazing!
See you soon, baboon xx

25 September 2011

Purple Shirt and terrible lighting

Yo yo yo.
I wasn't planning on posting today, but seeing as my boyfriend has gone to band practice and i'm home alone I thought I might aswell. Pictures look pretty naff because i've had to put on my very bright orange light cos it's getting dark innit, so sorry about that.. the colour of the tights has not come up at all but OH WELL!

So the weekend is nearly over, did you have a good one? WELL let me tell you I did!...well..it was ok. Friday night I went to that open mic night which was pretty cool, I got nicely drunk which lead to me shouting at  someone that they'd sang the wrong lyrics, when the hadn't ..WAHEY. Saturday was a nice lil day, for the morning I decided to paint myself as a Laurel tree... yes, you read that right. You see, I did photography at university and I like to keep my projects going, this one is about what peoples names mean...so you might get one of those little souvenier pens with (this is mine) 'LAURA - meaning Laurel Tree, she is a very private person' ...or something different if you are not called Laura written on the side..so I took this literally and became the tree...you can see a snippet of the photograph here: (i've not finished editing yet, but when I have it'll go on my flickr..here)

For the afternoon me and Ben went shopping and he bought lots of lovely new clothes and I bought non :) ..I did buy a new game though.. Alan Wake, apparently it is the Xbox competition for Heavy Rain (which is one of my favourite games) and seeing as we now have an Xbox, I thought i'd give it a go.We grabbed a pizza at Pizza Hut and watched Hoarders at home where there was a woman who liked to keep rotting pumpkins...don't ask.

Sunday, TODAY!...I wore this ensemble... it's a strange one, I don't really feel like myself in it...but I kinda like it. Dress and Shirt both from Forever 21 (surprise surprise!..i'll wear something not from there tomorrow :P)...tights from H&M (they are actually a lovely terracotta colour that hasn't shown up well here, a nice clash with the purple)..Shoes are from Faith a million years ago, sorry I have no good picture of them apart from the SUPER blurry one! oh wellll.

So yeah, there's the outfit....whaddaya reckon? meh, it's a meh for me.
Today I went to the bowling alley  with my dad, brother and ben, we played on the amusements instead of bowling (i'm a sucker for a 2p machine)...had a quick round of Pool (I lost, cos I SUCK)..and then went to this lovely delicatessen by my house called..Nima Delicatessen, I bought some stuffed squid in garlic sauce (*WRETCHES* it's for Ben), some smoked Mackeral pate..yum yum, some smoked cheese...yum yum..
some moroccan rub..yum yum..and finally some fresh super strong coffee beans...mmmmmmmmmmm.. I take mine black with 2 sugars.

Here's a few dresses that I want to get:
Topshop red velvet Corinne Dress by Goldie**
Asos red and pink ponti waisted dress with contrast panel
Asos lace skater dress with long fitted sleeves

Hope you've had a good weekend.. see you in a while, crocodile xxx

23 September 2011

Amnesia and 60's outfit

Hi guys!
So yesterday... WE COMPLETED AMNESIA: THE DARK DESCENT....and man oh man, is that one scary ass game!.....we literally played it for hours and hours, we had one break in the middle for some food (takeaway curry YEAH!) and Paul didn't end up leaving until midnight... it was some solid gaming time and i'm glad it's over. It was like the longest horror movie ever made!
Getting back to the real world now today, well tonight, i'm going to a small open mic in this big ol' school, it's called the Sir John Moore Foundation and apparently if Hitler had won the war it would've been his headquarters of the UK. I'm not playing (OHHHH no no no..) Still haven't got the courage to play in front of people, it's quite sad really cos I really enjoy it playing (if you would like to listen to my sad songs HERE)

So today, i'm channeling my inner 60's. Dress is from Forever 21 (I know i've been posting a LOT of Forever 21 stuff, this is not because i'm obsessed with the place although they do have some nice things, it's just because I used to work there and obvs bought a load of stuff.) Bracelet is from Topshop and the shoes are from Office...Now let me tell you about these shoes, THEY HAVE BEEN A GODSEND... they were £25!!!!! in the sale at Office, so good I had to buy another pair in a different colour (tan) and they are so comfy, and they are SO FREAKIN' COOL...but they are showing signs of wear...and like all my favourite things I guess they are not long destined for this world...I must start taking better care of my items.

Here I am, promoting healthy eating! :D

This dress really is lovely, the collar is sweet <3
The bracelet is not quite that colour, the stone is dark red and the gold is more warm. It's a beaut!
Lovely little pirate shoes <3<3<3<3
Close up of my hair, I just do it in this weird bun thing...it's quicker than doing a beehive, that's for sure!

Ok, well it's a bit colder today and it'll definitely be colder later so i'm going to wear this lovely green vintage coat that my dad bought for me for my birthday last year, it was £55 from a shop called Top Banana in Kings Heath, Birmingham if anyone wants to know. I always think it is a little bit too big, but it fits my shoulders and arm length so I guess that's just how it's meant to be....anyway, I love it xxxxx

Also I ran out of my favourite perfume today: Anna Sui's original scent, it's lovely and deep and sweet but they don't sell it in the shops anymore so I guess i'll have to find it online..

Anyway, I'll probably update after the weekend......

See you in two ticks, weetabix xxxxxxx

22 September 2011

Sultry GOFF!

Well, what can I say... I used to be a goth..well, a kind of wannabe goth. I never had the guts to wear black lipstick and white face powder but I did get a nice big pair of Dr.Martens (with pretend barbed wire on them), some crazy trousers and HELL, I used to wear shirts and ties wayyyyyyy before Avril Lavigne hit the scene!....ANYWAY, I quickly moved on from that look to a strange dirty skater complete with a ridiculous mohawk (it gained the nickname of Dorsal Fin because it used to flop over to one side lols) and green cowboy boots (don't ask how they even fitted in with the look, but they did!).. Now moving on from all this... secretly I still love a good ol' goff, and this I guess is my take...it's kind of a sexy sultry old fashioned femme fatale look. Burgandy and black is a beautiful goff combination and I LOVE IT!...
Here the little lacey peplum dress is from Forever 21 (it's in at the moment as I bought it quite recently) and so is the belt and bag (a nice lil Mulberry knock off) - shoes are the New Look one's I posted yesterday and the beret is from Oasis a million years ago (I would also probably wear some black sheer tights with this but they're all in the wash so NO)...Oooh and my little basque bra thing underneath (real pretty) is from Ann Summers.

OK.. So I need a lil jacket to take the chill off so i'm gonna wear this bad boy.. but, *sob*...I really REALLY need a new lightweight jacket, preferably I'd have this one again but it's never on Ebay :'(... as you can see, it is literally falling apart.. i've definitely had my wear out of it. Bought it from a student night in Topshop about 3 or 4 years ago - part of the Laura Lees collection so it has lots of lovely little things sewn on to it.... *SIGH*..it has totally lost it's shape and omg, I can't even believe I still wear it.. my boyfriend just looks at me with pity when I do. I call it, SHABBY CHIC.
Soz about my picture sizing.... I guess i'll get better with time, but at the moment these will have to do. My friend Paul is coming over in half an hour and we are going to have a MARATHON GAMING SESH..On Amnesia; The Dark Descent.... it..is..the..scariest..game...EVER. Look, it's so scary we have to play it in the daytime! Actually there is a super funny video of some guy playing it, it was the reason we bought it! (I 've found the video on youtube but i can't find it on the youtube on here..if that makes ANY sense...so here's the link, well funny)

Scariest Game..EVER.

Seeya in two ticks, weetabix!

21 September 2011


So time for my first proper post.
I am going for autumn colours today, it's not super cold so I'm going without a coat seeing as I have a jumper on and my skirt matches my hair, what more could a girl ask for. I added the beret last minute for a lil bit of contrast and because I love berets!
Jumper and Skirt both from Forever 21 (belt included with skirt) Shoes from New Look
Beret from a charity shop in Bristol (Bristol charity shops are AWESOME...every one I went into had a vintage theme to it, which is obviously a brilliant idea!)
Not the greatest photo of these CUTE shoes. I confess, I love cheapass shoes..and yeah you don't get a hell of a lot of wear from them, but it means I can buy lots of shoes all the time. These badboys were from New Look for £20 agggggggges ago, they're super comfy too.
My bag for today is a little vintage number given to me by my lovely nan - it's a beautiful bag but unfortunately it's falling apart....i've superglued it together, but I probably should take it somewhere to be sewn.

Anyway, that's it for now. I'm going to pick up some photos from the chemist and make some chicken soup from my left over roast (which was AMAZING by the way)

See you later, rollerskater x



Since quitting my job a few weeks ago (we weren't getting along so well) i've gained a lot of spare time. I love clothes and I love reading blogs about fashion..So I thought, AHA (not the band, but on the subject of the band... if you ever care to hear a song by Aha that isn't Take on Me have a lil listen to Rolling Thunder.. I like that one) ........I shall make a lil fashion blog of my own.
OK so I'm probably going to include other things aswell as fashion (I love playing the piano so expect to hear some silly little songs, I love watching films so you might get a few reviews and I also love to cook so perhaps you'll get some recipes)...but I hope this goes well and you like having a sneaky peek into my so called life.

See you later, alligator x