23 September 2011

Amnesia and 60's outfit

Hi guys!
So yesterday... WE COMPLETED AMNESIA: THE DARK DESCENT....and man oh man, is that one scary ass game!.....we literally played it for hours and hours, we had one break in the middle for some food (takeaway curry YEAH!) and Paul didn't end up leaving until midnight... it was some solid gaming time and i'm glad it's over. It was like the longest horror movie ever made!
Getting back to the real world now today, well tonight, i'm going to a small open mic in this big ol' school, it's called the Sir John Moore Foundation and apparently if Hitler had won the war it would've been his headquarters of the UK. I'm not playing (OHHHH no no no..) Still haven't got the courage to play in front of people, it's quite sad really cos I really enjoy it playing (if you would like to listen to my sad songs HERE)

So today, i'm channeling my inner 60's. Dress is from Forever 21 (I know i've been posting a LOT of Forever 21 stuff, this is not because i'm obsessed with the place although they do have some nice things, it's just because I used to work there and obvs bought a load of stuff.) Bracelet is from Topshop and the shoes are from Office...Now let me tell you about these shoes, THEY HAVE BEEN A GODSEND... they were £25!!!!! in the sale at Office, so good I had to buy another pair in a different colour (tan) and they are so comfy, and they are SO FREAKIN' COOL...but they are showing signs of wear...and like all my favourite things I guess they are not long destined for this world...I must start taking better care of my items.

Here I am, promoting healthy eating! :D

This dress really is lovely, the collar is sweet <3
The bracelet is not quite that colour, the stone is dark red and the gold is more warm. It's a beaut!
Lovely little pirate shoes <3<3<3<3
Close up of my hair, I just do it in this weird bun thing...it's quicker than doing a beehive, that's for sure!

Ok, well it's a bit colder today and it'll definitely be colder later so i'm going to wear this lovely green vintage coat that my dad bought for me for my birthday last year, it was £55 from a shop called Top Banana in Kings Heath, Birmingham if anyone wants to know. I always think it is a little bit too big, but it fits my shoulders and arm length so I guess that's just how it's meant to be....anyway, I love it xxxxx

Also I ran out of my favourite perfume today: Anna Sui's original scent, it's lovely and deep and sweet but they don't sell it in the shops anymore so I guess i'll have to find it online..

Anyway, I'll probably update after the weekend......

See you in two ticks, weetabix xxxxxxx


  1. I love the dress and your green coat...both pieces are timeless

  2. Thankyou! The coat was a great find! And thanks for being my first follower :D