21 September 2011


So time for my first proper post.
I am going for autumn colours today, it's not super cold so I'm going without a coat seeing as I have a jumper on and my skirt matches my hair, what more could a girl ask for. I added the beret last minute for a lil bit of contrast and because I love berets!
Jumper and Skirt both from Forever 21 (belt included with skirt) Shoes from New Look
Beret from a charity shop in Bristol (Bristol charity shops are AWESOME...every one I went into had a vintage theme to it, which is obviously a brilliant idea!)
Not the greatest photo of these CUTE shoes. I confess, I love cheapass shoes..and yeah you don't get a hell of a lot of wear from them, but it means I can buy lots of shoes all the time. These badboys were from New Look for £20 agggggggges ago, they're super comfy too.
My bag for today is a little vintage number given to me by my lovely nan - it's a beautiful bag but unfortunately it's falling apart....i've superglued it together, but I probably should take it somewhere to be sewn.

Anyway, that's it for now. I'm going to pick up some photos from the chemist and make some chicken soup from my left over roast (which was AMAZING by the way)

See you later, rollerskater x

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