26 September 2011

Drive, Green Tights and a Beige Dress

Yo yo yo.

Today I went to see Drive, it was pretty cool!  I mean, the first thing that hits you is the pink font for the credits and the incredible synth in that ^ song...  You can tell it's gonna be good from the getgo. Ryan Gosling is The Driver, a ridiculously cool guy without a past who doesn't say much and doesn't need to. Carey Mulligan is Irene, a young single mother who becomes The Driver's love interest - there are lots of knowing lovers looks and lil smiles but she is a bit miscast in the role and as she doesn't get to do much, we don't really get to know much about her. We get thrown around from this blossoming love story to incredible yet cinematic violence and gore which straps you to your seat and wont let you look away - slow motion shots teamed with the killer soundtrack make this film feel special and although it has a few flaws it also has some greatness (see: Elevator scene and The Mask at the door). Laus rating 4/5

On to todays outfit. Well this dress is super old, but I still love it..I wish wish wish I had bought it in the navy colour too...but nevermind. It was from Primark and has a really flattering fit - If i'm ever feeling a fat day or just a crap day this dress is probably the one i'll pick out to wear. I usually like to wear it with bare legs and high heels but today I went for these strange green tights and my new velvet green boots from topshop.. It definitely changes up this outfit but I think i'll always prefer the bare legs and high heels ...my legs look pretty stubby with this combo! Sunglasses are also from Topshop :)

Oh and these boots are so much brighter in the sunlight, they look amazing!
See you soon, baboon xx

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