28 September 2011

Floral Dress - Charity Shop Find!

Hey everyone,

Today I am feeling much more happier than yesterday - this is because I found a cool little dress in a charity shop today and it's very sunny and warm outside releasing my happiness endorphins!
I've noticed recently that i'm struggling to find good stuff in charity shops and when I do they seem to be expensive!...Well not expensive, but expensive for charity shops..like I almost didn't buy this cos it was £9...how tight does that make me seem?! (yet i'll spend £40 on a pair of trousers that I probs wont even wear that much.) Charity shops have defintely been putting their prices up though and I guess that's why i'm reluctant to buy - I want that great deal I could have had 3 years ago when this dress would've been £3.99 not £8.99! This is pretty ridiculous because Charity shops probably should be trying to get as much money as they can but there is still this part of me that wants that deal! Oh well, it's still so much cheaper than the real stores and the money goes to a good cause so i'm not all that bothered. ANYWAY...I need to get this post done sharpish because we have 60p left on the electricity meter and I want to get some more before we lose power.

Now here's the dress and it's from Next.. It said size 10 on the charity shop label but when I got it home I realised that the size is actually 15yrs..haha, no wonder it's tight on the boobs! I can button it all the way up but it flattens my chest and looks rather peculiar so the nice thing about having the button down back is that I can just undo them and fold them over - looks cute huh. :)

Here you can see how the back folds over

It has quite a lot of material and if it were a bit shorter i'd probably put one of my underskirts underneath it.
And finally here you can see how i've rocked it up with this cool ass bracelet from Forever 21 (oh where else) - ps My watch is antique.

My nails have got one coat of gold nail polish on which in some lights looks clear and in others looks gold and that lipstain is the best lipstain i've ever used and they don't sell it anymore - seriously...before lipstains got all popular in stupid felt tip pens, Bourjois created Rouge Hi-Tech liptint.. If ever you want a lipstain, buy this one (from the internet)!

PS. Thanks for the encouraging comments on yesterdays post - I feel all silly now :s

See you later, hot potata! xxx


  1. You are G-O-R-G-E-O-U-S! I was stunned when seeing these photos. That dress is a great find as well, love the cut and print!!! :D

    Aya ♥ Strawberry Koi

  2. Amazing dress... and what a fun idea to unbutton the back and folding it: looks very 40s.
    love it!


  3. Cheers girls! I was so lucky that the back was button down! :)