21 September 2011



Since quitting my job a few weeks ago (we weren't getting along so well) i've gained a lot of spare time. I love clothes and I love reading blogs about fashion..So I thought, AHA (not the band, but on the subject of the band... if you ever care to hear a song by Aha that isn't Take on Me have a lil listen to Rolling Thunder.. I like that one) ........I shall make a lil fashion blog of my own.
OK so I'm probably going to include other things aswell as fashion (I love playing the piano so expect to hear some silly little songs, I love watching films so you might get a few reviews and I also love to cook so perhaps you'll get some recipes)...but I hope this goes well and you like having a sneaky peek into my so called life.

See you later, alligator x

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  1. Hi There! I have just read all of your posts in one sitting :). I just wanted to say that your blog has been a massive encouragement for me. I love how your style as well as your blog has evolved in such a short amount of time! (plus you take a wonderful outfit photo). If you have the time I would love some advice on the blog I have started. Although it is in an infant stage I would love some feedback. I was also very happy to hear you praising the charity shops in Bristol as I am going to uni there in October and I there would have been some serious issues if this wasn't the case :p

    Anyway please don't stop posting! :)