27 September 2011

Polka Dot ankle Length trouser difficulty

Hi guys,

I'm feeling a bit MEH... the other day Sarah from The Stylish Heart blog posted this amazing outfit of a navy swing jumper and the most awesome green polka dot ankle length trousers ever! (the lovely outfit in question) and I thought...maaaan, I just gotta get me them trousers!
Now, I am not usually a trouser girl at all! I have literally one pair of trousers - a highwaisted massive palazzo pant covered in a 70s floral print... I bought them cos they look incredible, but do they look good on me? Well..thats another story for another post but today we're talking about these green badboys. I went into Topshop, they had one pair left, they were a size 10... I was like, WAHEY...so I went to try them on and they fitted alright and I bought them. Now...today I come to take photos of these trousers and oh man, have I made a mistake? I am only 5"1, I have a short torso and mahoosive boobs..... it's not the right combination. I want to be waiflike, tall and slender but I am not, and no matter how thin I could get I never would be. Let me just tell you now that this is something i've learnt to live with and although I would ideally like to probably be a couple of sizes smaller I do infact like my figure, I like my curves, the shape is good and I feel sexxxxxxxxeh! BUT....god damn, these trousers make me feel like a whale...and it makes me realise why I love dresses! I don't really know what type of trousers I should go for, I feel like i've tried them all on and they are look like cack but I should've probably not gone for these ankle skimming (well they're a bit longer than that LOL) lovelies.
I've tried on a bunch of different tops but not one I like... I'd probably want a swing jumper like Sarahs to hide my tummy but in hiding my tummy it would also make it look massive cos it would hang off my boobs! I JUST CAN'T WIN! What do I do? I'm keeping the trousers because I still love them no matter what but what the hell do I wear with them? SUGGESTIONS PLEASE!
Here are a few of the combinations I came up with (and I have obviously chosen clever photos where I don't look horiffic :P)

So firstly we have the red jumper from Forever 21.. This looks pretty nice in this photo but it looked terrible in others, this is one of my favourite colour combinations.
Tie dye long top, um...this doesn't really work at all does it. Oh dear!

Purple blouse from Forever 21 on awesome lil blazer from River Island.. this is OK, I had my trusty pirate shoes on but i've gone for the nude in the end just for the extra length on my legs. (The nude shoes are from 
New Look)

Crazy yellow blouse from New Look - this piece is ace, I love ridiculous sleeves!...sorry not the best photo but you get the idea.
So people, what do you think? Do you have problems with trousers too? Any top tips on how not to look like a lil' stump? Let me know...PLEASE!

Now i'm going to comfort eat with some biscuits and a cup of tea hehe.

See you later, rollerskater xxx


  1. Okay, I too have problems with trousers, but let me tell you, these do not look bad at all. They look really good, actually. I think I have all the same concerns as you (short torso, boobs, etc). I actually think a looser fitting sweater (like the first one) looks really nice!