25 September 2011

Purple Shirt and terrible lighting

Yo yo yo.
I wasn't planning on posting today, but seeing as my boyfriend has gone to band practice and i'm home alone I thought I might aswell. Pictures look pretty naff because i've had to put on my very bright orange light cos it's getting dark innit, so sorry about that.. the colour of the tights has not come up at all but OH WELL!

So the weekend is nearly over, did you have a good one? WELL let me tell you I did!...well..it was ok. Friday night I went to that open mic night which was pretty cool, I got nicely drunk which lead to me shouting at  someone that they'd sang the wrong lyrics, when the hadn't ..WAHEY. Saturday was a nice lil day, for the morning I decided to paint myself as a Laurel tree... yes, you read that right. You see, I did photography at university and I like to keep my projects going, this one is about what peoples names mean...so you might get one of those little souvenier pens with (this is mine) 'LAURA - meaning Laurel Tree, she is a very private person' ...or something different if you are not called Laura written on the side..so I took this literally and became the tree...you can see a snippet of the photograph here: (i've not finished editing yet, but when I have it'll go on my flickr..here)

For the afternoon me and Ben went shopping and he bought lots of lovely new clothes and I bought non :) ..I did buy a new game though.. Alan Wake, apparently it is the Xbox competition for Heavy Rain (which is one of my favourite games) and seeing as we now have an Xbox, I thought i'd give it a go.We grabbed a pizza at Pizza Hut and watched Hoarders at home where there was a woman who liked to keep rotting pumpkins...don't ask.

Sunday, TODAY!...I wore this ensemble... it's a strange one, I don't really feel like myself in it...but I kinda like it. Dress and Shirt both from Forever 21 (surprise surprise!..i'll wear something not from there tomorrow :P)...tights from H&M (they are actually a lovely terracotta colour that hasn't shown up well here, a nice clash with the purple)..Shoes are from Faith a million years ago, sorry I have no good picture of them apart from the SUPER blurry one! oh wellll.

So yeah, there's the outfit....whaddaya reckon? meh, it's a meh for me.
Today I went to the bowling alley  with my dad, brother and ben, we played on the amusements instead of bowling (i'm a sucker for a 2p machine)...had a quick round of Pool (I lost, cos I SUCK)..and then went to this lovely delicatessen by my house called..Nima Delicatessen, I bought some stuffed squid in garlic sauce (*WRETCHES* it's for Ben), some smoked Mackeral pate..yum yum, some smoked cheese...yum yum..
some moroccan rub..yum yum..and finally some fresh super strong coffee beans...mmmmmmmmmmm.. I take mine black with 2 sugars.

Here's a few dresses that I want to get:
Topshop red velvet Corinne Dress by Goldie**
Asos red and pink ponti waisted dress with contrast panel
Asos lace skater dress with long fitted sleeves

Hope you've had a good weekend.. see you in a while, crocodile xxx

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