22 September 2011

Sultry GOFF!

Well, what can I say... I used to be a goth..well, a kind of wannabe goth. I never had the guts to wear black lipstick and white face powder but I did get a nice big pair of Dr.Martens (with pretend barbed wire on them), some crazy trousers and HELL, I used to wear shirts and ties wayyyyyyy before Avril Lavigne hit the scene!....ANYWAY, I quickly moved on from that look to a strange dirty skater complete with a ridiculous mohawk (it gained the nickname of Dorsal Fin because it used to flop over to one side lols) and green cowboy boots (don't ask how they even fitted in with the look, but they did!).. Now moving on from all this... secretly I still love a good ol' goff, and this I guess is my take...it's kind of a sexy sultry old fashioned femme fatale look. Burgandy and black is a beautiful goff combination and I LOVE IT!...
Here the little lacey peplum dress is from Forever 21 (it's in at the moment as I bought it quite recently) and so is the belt and bag (a nice lil Mulberry knock off) - shoes are the New Look one's I posted yesterday and the beret is from Oasis a million years ago (I would also probably wear some black sheer tights with this but they're all in the wash so NO)...Oooh and my little basque bra thing underneath (real pretty) is from Ann Summers.

OK.. So I need a lil jacket to take the chill off so i'm gonna wear this bad boy.. but, *sob*...I really REALLY need a new lightweight jacket, preferably I'd have this one again but it's never on Ebay :'(... as you can see, it is literally falling apart.. i've definitely had my wear out of it. Bought it from a student night in Topshop about 3 or 4 years ago - part of the Laura Lees collection so it has lots of lovely little things sewn on to it.... *SIGH*..it has totally lost it's shape and omg, I can't even believe I still wear it.. my boyfriend just looks at me with pity when I do. I call it, SHABBY CHIC.
Soz about my picture sizing.... I guess i'll get better with time, but at the moment these will have to do. My friend Paul is coming over in half an hour and we are going to have a MARATHON GAMING SESH..On Amnesia; The Dark Descent.... it..is..the..scariest..game...EVER. Look, it's so scary we have to play it in the daytime! Actually there is a super funny video of some guy playing it, it was the reason we bought it! (I 've found the video on youtube but i can't find it on the youtube on here..if that makes ANY sense...so here's the link, well funny)

Scariest Game..EVER.

Seeya in two ticks, weetabix!

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