28 October 2011

Clown shirts and short skirts (and whoopie pies)

Sup guys?

Well let me start off by saying that in the end, I didn't even go with any of these outfits! You know when something just feels off and you don't feel like yourself, well today I'm having one of those days..

So I started off with my 'clown' shirt....oh my boobs look pretty ridiculous in this, but WOTEVS.. and this tight, short knit kinda houndstooth patterned skirt.. Both were from Forever 21. Shoes are from Faith many moons ago.
Alas, I was not feeling it, so first I changed the bottom for this lil ballerina tutu thing from Lipsy..and OH no, I am not feeling this...I am a girly girl, but even this is too much for me:
So then I changed the top and...ugh, no again, too much flesh...it's a bit slutty for a walk around town..ahaha..the top is from H&M..it's like a corset/basque thing with poppers on the front, I got it in Black and Champagne because I loved it a few years ago...doesn't get as much wear anymore though.
(Just noticed I got some SUPER scratches on my leg, it was itching me last night and so I scratched it...but I've scratched it so hard there are actual little cuts :( )

So yeah, in the end i'm just wearing a different dress that I'll take a picture of another time as I need to finish my halloween costume off today (A Silent Hill Nurse...it's going to be GREAT!) . Also a couple of days ago I  made some WHOOPIE PIES!

They were AWESOME! I didn't have any Fluff for the filling so I used some good ol' Birds Dream Topping which was just incredible. If you've never had Dream Topping it tastes like a 99 soft icecream from the icecream van...it's sooooo yum.  So yeah, my diet is not fairing well with these around but nevermind! :D

Hope you're all good... I don't really have much to say in this post..so that's ya lot for now!

Ciao for now! xxx


  1. I know what you mean but you look delectable in ALL these photos. Love the dress in the prev post too x

  2. i love the shirt on the third photo down, gorgeous :) xo

  3. OMG i LOOOVE your shoes!!
    Poppy xx

  4. really like the second outfit! the shirt is all the masculine look, but then the pretty skirt just adds the feminine right back to it! the colours are also gorgeous.x

  5. Me gustan mucho tus looks, son muy originales!


  6. Such a cute look, I adore your edgy style. Would you like to follow each other? X