18 October 2011

Dark Lipstick, Lace and Fur

Hey guys,

Yesterday I bought one of the Kate Moss lipsticks from Rimmel. It is number 4, which is a super dark purple. Not entirely sure why I bought it, cos I already have a few purple lipsticks and could really have done with a new red. Oh well!...I love a good dark vampy lipstick and today I definitely vamped it up with a lil collection of lace, lipstick, heels and fur.. :). (ps, I am actually not wearing the kate moss one in these photos haha)
 Sorry I keep cropping my shoes off!

I wore this fur shawl. It is real fur, but it was a gift from one of my dad's friends who has had it for years from when he used to work in the Theatre apparently.

Nice blur there!
Here's a close up of the lipstick (and my eyebags :P) ..It's actually a mix of a couple. This lipstain in Royal Plum and a Sephora lipstick (which is a really reach plum colour...I can't find it online soz!)

Now these shoes are a pair of my FAVOURITES!..They are Kurt Geiger, gold sequined courts with a black sequin bow on top. They are probably the best fitting shoe i've ever worn. I usually have mega problems cos my feet are quite narrow, they're inbetween sizes and it's just MEH.. But yeah, these are awesome.

Here's a better pic:

AHHH..beautiful shoes!

ANYWAY, I've been looking at a lot of clothes online but because i'm on a budget I can't afford them all..so I'm hoping you'll help me out... what shall I get out of these?

This is from Boohoo.. it's only 20 quid and I love the shape of the bottom and the colour.

This is from Asos.  £45 quid...and A GORGEOUS COLOUR!..seriously, this looks beautiful.

This is from Ark.. £20 in the sale... main reason for liking this is the colour
This is also from Ark, £27...again, I LOVE the colour..not too sure how I feel about the complete lack of sleeves though.

This is from Dorothy Perkins, love the style...and I DO like the colour, but I'm just so desperate for something GREEEEN.

OWH, I just saw that the other dress I wanted has sold out :(

As you may have noticed..I am desperately seeking a green dress, a proper true emerald green to go nicely with my red hair. I can't find a nice one anywhere, so if any of you have seen one, LEMME KNOW!



  1. Your outfit looks really nice on you. Love the way your hair colour matches your wrap! As for the dress choices, they're all very nice. I love blue and 3/4 length sleeves so would go for the first one myself!

    Loulou Downtown

  2. love the addition of fur x

  3. i love lace so much, you look gorgeous and all those dresses! waaa i want them all! plus your hair is so pretty x

  4. I looove the 2nd and 4th dresses. So lovely. That was a tough choice. I love your style. It's very unique yet very classic. I love the dark lipstick and your hair colour is great. The fur is pretty and I just noticed you bracelet. SO SICK! <3