31 October 2011

Halloween Costume - Silent Hill Nurse


Hi Guys! .... Halloween is the time of year I always wish I was in America... I've never been over there for Halloween but man, it looks like such a P.A.R.T.Y..... Over here, I have to force people to dress up and go out but nevermind..at least my heart is in it... I had a pretty good night on Saturday, house party and pub dressed up like this.....it's scary..and sexy...yeahhhhhh.... I don't usually do sexy costumes (although last year was KINDA) This year, obviously Silent Hill was my inspiration (my boyfriend went as Pyramid Head a couple of years ago and i'm not sure why I didn't do this then!) ...the mask is made from plaster strips and I'm pretty proud of it. The hat is a a baby's hat (the flap is like a neck protector from the sun) which I got from poundland, and the dress was 6 quid from Dorothy Perkins... Shoes are super old from primark, really comfy but i've ruined them now.
 I could hardly see out of this, which made things all the more fun, and I put a hole in the mouth so I could use a straw to drink.. on the night I had more facepaint and blood on my body but I took these photos before then. 

My only disappointment was the dress really, I wanted a proper nurse dress but couldn't find one anywhere and when this popped up for 6 pounds I felt like it just had to be done!

Last year I was a Pop Art Girl:

Year before I was Wikus from District 9 (love that movie)

And then the year before that I was an Oompa Loompa (haha..scary to some!)

SO...What did YOU dress up as for Halloween?


  1. and so you should be proud, thats amazing :)!.


  2. The Silent Hill nurse is amazing!! I was only thinking yesterday that I would love to do that but wasn't sure how. I really like your blog.



  3. Amaaazing outfit! I also love that Lichenstein one! So inventive! x

  4. Oh my gosh, you have a real talent for Halloween costumes. So impressed. Sad to say, but I've never dressed up for Halloween!


  5. Thanks guys! I am already thinking about next years costume.. ;)