07 October 2011

Maxi Mod Dress and Fur Coat

Hey up guys!

Today, I was wearing this dress:

It's a beautiful dress (please ignore the VPL and it does have a couple of marks on it that don't really show up in these photos though)...I got it for £10 at a vintage stall inside the Oasis market in Birmingham...B.A.R.G.A.I.N. I adore it, even though it is a little bit baggy on the waist area and perhaps a little bit clingy on the belly area..I just don't care. I say, I was wearing it (i'm now wearing that little red lace one from topshop) because it is now pouring with rain outside and this little baby drags JUST A LITTLE..on the floor and I hate getting it wet :(...I could obviously just take it up, but I am so lazy with things like that! OH MAN I LOVE THIS DRESS!..the coloured segments go all around and make a lovely V shape:

Here I am sucking in my gut!...I need some magic pants with this badboy :P
It just hangs so lovely.

Now, it is FREEZING TODAY...which means, HUZZAH..I can get my thick coats on and not look like a complete crazy woman...although, I do still look a bit crazy and very overdressed. I used to overdress ALL THE TIME...and now it's calmed down quite a lot and I look quite normal most days ....here is my beautiful and favourite faux fur coat (it was from TK Maxx) and my not so favourite fur hat..but I still like it, sorry I didn't take a close up of it, it is a very beautifully constructed hat..I will take one next time. My actual favourite fur hat got stolen from work *sob* *sob**sob*...I was so gutted, I made a poster for it and everything...but it's gone now and I am doomed to forever wear hats that just do not compete with it.

So what winter coats will you be donning this year? I still have many more to show you, I think you guys will like my dads old shearskin coat which he gave me, it's massively oversized and very warm <3

Now, i'm off to get some stuff to bake some cupcakes for when a few of my friends come round this evening...I think i'm going for chocolate...you know, the healthy option :D

See you later, rollerskater xxx


  1. love your hair and the red lipstick. and ahah your comment made me laugh

  2. your dress is gorgeous! x

    and you look great too (:


  3. That dress is super cool. So jel of your fur coat- looks like the snuggliest thing. x

  4. That dress suits you so well! And the coat! Love it all x


  5. YOU ARE SO PRETTY!! Great face and perfect make-up...this dress looks amazing on you!!!

    Evi xoxo


  6. you have the most gorgeous hair! i love the fact you want to run a music cafe too, that sounds amazing. love this fur coat/hat combination, you look like a girl from a different era.


  7. You look stunning in your faux fur coat. Its length and color made you look even more sophisticated. I can imagine you wearing knee-high boots to complete your ensemble.

    Joel Salmon