24 October 2011

More Velvet, Fur, and Decisions about hair colour.

Hi Guys,

I went to visit my sister for most of last week and weekend to see my neice and nephew and all that malarky...it was fun, but man, kids are just GO GO GO aren't they...was glad to be back in my chilled out life. Since i've been back i've going through that dreaded question in my head... SHOULD I DYE MY HAIR BACK BROWN?
Now this obviously isn't one of lifes most important questions but i'll be fretting over it for a few days because that's the gal I am. As derived from one of my previous posts, I can be quite fickle when it comes to my hair and change it regularly (although they seem to be the same changes over and over..I could probably just do with 8 wigs, 4 ginger (one long with fringe, one short with fringe, one long without fringe, one short without fringe) and 4 brown in the same styles.)
Usually when I get this thought into my head (this tends to be when I see a woman in a film with NICE hair, the first time I went 'strawberry blonde' was because of the gal in Big Fish) I'll fret about it for a few days trying to decide whether I prefer the way I look as a brunette or redhead and then about 70% of the time i'll dye it. So you may well be looking at a brunette next week. Oh what hard decisions I have to make in my life *rolls eyes*...Anyways, I went to see Contagion (Laus vote 3/5..it was just OK) and Marian Cotillard has some lovely hair going on in it..which is why the question has entered my brain.

Enough about my hair (although i'd appreciate your input on which way I should go) ...today's outfit, is again...a LITTLE bit vampish..I'm wearing quite a lot of black and burgandy at the moment so it's to be expected. Dress from Forever 21.. should still be in, I only got it last week. Coat was originally from H&M but I got it from a charity shop a couple of years ago, as with all my favourite things...it is falling apart, the pleather has ripped on one side of one of the arms where my bag has rubbed against it.. PFFTTT... Frustrating!.. Can't remember where the hat was from, I THINK it may have been a gift from my mum..but not sure... I could've worn my black one, but...I DIDN'T. Oh and the necklace was a christmas present from Ben last year, I do love it..but as the chain is not actual silver, the colour has all rubbed off..so I need to find an actual silver chain.

OH I just found this picture from when me and Ben first moved in... I am missing the dark sultry locks..

See you soon, you crazy loon! xxx

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  1. Oh, how gorgeous! I love these pictures and your lovely blog :)
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