05 October 2011

Red Dress and a Beret make me FRENCH

Hello folks,

I'm feelin' a little queazy as I write this, not sure why....bleughhh.. anyway, over the past couple of days I've repotted my Mint and Chives (because they were DYING), I've given my fish a top up of water in his bowl (because he was DYING... (no no he wasn't, it was just getting low) and I cooked/prepared myself lots of food (because I was HUNGRY).... I made a smoked Mackeral salad nicoise..which was awesomeeeeeeeee...and then I made some kinda puff pastry tart thing with asparagus, prosciutto, feta and cherry toms which was awesomeeeeeeeee too..and then I also tried to make some kinda sweet pastry thing with caramel and frozen bananas....and this was not so good. I cannot make caramel... I just can't. I've tried several times and every time it has never worked.... this time was no exception *looks over at destroyed pan*...Also, frozen bananas...delicious as they maybe...how the hell do you peel them? SERIOUSLY?! I cut the top off and had to scoop it out with a spoon but I got so bored I threw it away...so yeah dessert was a disastor oh well!
Today I made a quick salad with rocket, rest of the prosciutto and some more feta....and got on my exercise bike for about 45 minutes - whilst I was cycling away I was watching a scary film (Carriers....ps, it wasn't scary..it was pretty rubbish) and then I did some cleaning (except for the washing up because BEN CAN DO IT WHEN HE GETS HOME!)...
I was in the middle of doing some work when some hardcore Christians knocked at my door and tried to sell God to me....and I mean, it's not that I don't believe in God, I just don't believe in the bible and I believe in science and I like theories about Alien planets and Sumerians and all that crap... I just like it alllll, man... so after trying to understand what they were saying (VERY heavy korean accents) for about 20 minutes, I sent them packing and got on with my work... (designing a beer label)... whilst I was doing this, I watched another film (man, I can just watch em all day).. The Experiment. Now this is a remake I believe of a German film but i've not seen it - it was rather interesting, based on a real life experiment and Stansford Prison back in the 70s. The story revolves around  a selection of men who are given roles as Prisoners and Guards in a makeshift prison, they have 6 rules to keep to (things like no actual  harming of the prisoners, prisoners should not speak unless spoken to etcetc..if these rules are broken the experiment comes to an end but if they abide for 14 days they all get a nice fat cheque)  - OBVIOUSLY, things go quite wrong and people get a bit carried away within their roles - I liked it. I want to watch the original now. Ch-ch-che-check it out! Laus rating 3/5

OOOOOOOOKKKKKKKKK..well back to todays actual outfit... awww..my lovely boyfriend bought me this dress for Christmas..I mean he must have good taste as this dress sold out in Topshop and was going for big bucks on ebay, clever boy! I like to wear it with my beret, red lips and pirate shoes... this is my frenchy look and I love to look frenchy. <3 OH LA LA.

See you in two ticks, weetabix!! xxxx


  1. Hello! Thank you so much for the comment, I will definitely be checking out the link! XD You have a gorgeous style - I love it! Following your blog now <3

  2. Really love the lace dress, I want to get one like that but in a cream colour :)