03 October 2011

Summer Floral Dress

Hey peeps.

I've had a busy weekend. Went to Manchester for the first time ever actually - didn't get to see much of it as we went to the seaside at Southport because THE WEATHER HAS BEEN AWESOME! It all got a bit stressful in the end as I realised I booked my coach ticket for the wrong day back and missed the coach. I had to wait on standby but luckily got on one - seriously all I wanted to do was get home...so phew!

I am obviously back home now and chillin' out - had some coco pops for breakfast, listened to some nice tunes (sittin' on the dock of the bay, california dreamin' - this kinda stuff), wrote a new song and it's okkkkkk... I decided then to chop my hair off a bit. I always cut my own hair and it always goes ok so I advise you all to do it ....(had any bad experiences?) :P ....anyway, my split ends were pretty awful so I just hacked a few inches off...it's all gooood!
My smug look

SO, this outfit.... well, as you know from my previous statement...the weather has been amazin'! I know i'm going all summery here but I ain't wearing my autumny stuff when I can wear seethrough floaty dresses haha.. this dress is SERIOUSLY see through - I could do with a nude bra really as you can very much see it through the dress...it's from Forever 21 (lols) and specifically the Love section of Forever 21 (probably my favourite section - all my favourite pieces are from that bit)... so yeah, it's also like a massive tent if I don't wear a belt, so here I've decided to go with a waist belt which lovingly shows my waist off :) ) ....oh and the shrug thing is super old from H&M.

P.S first day of 'eating healthy' starts today...well apart from those coco pops hahah.... so bye bye chips :(

In a while, crocodile! xxx


  1. First of you're hair color is amazing! So shiny and dreamy! :D
    Second I love that dress with a belt! Great combo!

  2. really love that dress - it compliments your hair too!

    id love to cut my own hair - not too fond of hairdressers but i think a clumsy nature and sharp scissors wouldnt be a great mix for my hair!

    :) x