16 October 2011

Velvet dresses and other things

SUP guys?

Sorry I've not posted.....I just got wrapped up in other things, but this nice (hmm) Sunday morning is a great time for me to write crap and show pretty pictures hehe..hope you're all good!

Since we last spoke I baked some 'mazin cupcakes (with very badly piped icing), I gave blood for the first time :) and I saw MELANCHOLIA.

Here are cupcakes:

YUMM.....and let me tell you, the icing for these had ONE WHOLE BLOCK OF BUTTER.. lols.

Moving on from Cupcakes to GREAT FILMS...Melancholia....unnerving, stunning, bleak and wonderful. The best film I have seen in such a long time. From the slow mo opening sequence, to the fabulous soundtrack, this film is pure art full of pure emotion. Kirsten Dunst makes her career defining performance as a young depressed newlywed and Charlotte Gainsbourg shines as her practical, doomed sister. OH MAN, You've gotta go to the cinema to see this. Unmissible. Laus score 5/5

taken from filmofilia.com

I also bought this awesome freemasonesque Owl Vase from TKMAXX for £12...and filled it with some pretty flowers, I am just in love with it!


So onto outfits I guess... even though I've not posted for ages I've only got one outfit to post.. I call it, Disheveled Velvet.. Ja, even though I love a good ol' fashioned retro/vintage outfit..I'm also digging this new(ish) trend of massive knitwear and skimpass dresses and messy hair:
my hair was SUCH  a mess :D ...This cardy was from a charity shop for like a fiver.

Underneath this wonder lies the skimpy velvet dress:

My arm looks super weird and this dress is VERY  figure hugging but wotevs, here it is.. from H&M many moons ago, a lovely blue colour and I teamed it with VELVET boots too...to be honest, I was THIS close to going FULLBLOWNVELVET by almost wearing my new purple velvet coat thing:

I decided it would've been velvet overload so I calmly put the jacket down.

Here's a close up of my cleavage (lols).. you can see the pretty colour, cool slutty hook up front, spikey bracelet and kinda a little bit of my matt black nail polish.

So guys, what are your thoughts of velvet? CAN THERE EVER BE TOO MUCH?!

OHHHHHHHHHH and p.s. my boyfriend did this painting of me the other night, he said it needs tweaking, but he definitely caught my likeness (even though my hair is a mess) <3

 How soddin' moody do I look! Check out the rest of his work at www.benjaminpenrose.co.uk
EDIT...Here's the tweaked one:



  1. The 'skimpy velvet dress' is beautiful.
    And so is the painting. What a great boyfriend you must have. x

  2. Great post and pics!!!;D