06 October 2011

Hair Dye and Palazzo Pants


I'm sitting with a head full of dye whilst i'm writing this :) Yes I am not a natural redhead sadly....I use that colour above^^...although the last couple of times I've been shopping, I've been SERIOUSLY tempted to use this:

It looks a lot darker there than it does on the box. I thought when I first saw it that it was very similar to my normal colour so I grabbed the other box to compare and it's mega different!... much more red, but it looks so auburn! AHHH... I just don't know, so well...I went for my normal box but next time when this fades I'll try that one and if it looks like ass I'll just go back to normal, yeah? whaddaya think?

Do you wanna see what my hair has been like before? COURSE YA DO! Here's a nice timeline:

Somewhere at the beginning of  university, very dark brown with fringe (it was mega long too..past the boobies)

Then I hacked it all off! This was very drastic..and also it was black. Oh and this is my real ass.
then it stayed black and short for a while, fringe went more sideways..aww check out my little brother

Then, I went to the hair dresser to get it blonde, it went strawberry blonde..very light ginger and was absolutely FRIED.

Then I dyed it brown..OMG, just an excuse to post this dress..It's a BEAUT..man, I was pretty slim then too!
Then I did it VERY VERY DARK BROWN...but not black
Then it just got longer and longer and I invited the fringe back
Then, I used colourb4 and stripped out the colour (made it go strangely ginger)..and dyed it intense copper..and the top of it went ORANGE (this picture just crops it off..but it's the best I have)..and the ends were rather more brown
and then finally I just kept dying it the nice'n'easy colour and its like this, innit.
So basically thats just..brown to black to ginger..long to short to long to short.. fringe to no fringe to fringe....I guess I like my cycles :P

ANYWAY.. today I decided that it's time. It's time to bring out the PALAZZOS!...yeah, I know they're heading back to the 70s (thank god, I kinda hate them)... but I had to buy one pair, this pair! Because they are the most ridiculous trousers I've ever seen. I don't wear them often and I had them for ages before I even wore them out because I had zero tops that would go with them, now I just tend to wear this cute blouse from New Look. The palazzos are from Forever 21 and I do love/hate them :P PS..I know my hair (and face..but I can't change that) looks weird but it was just freshly dyed and blow dried straight..so it's all thick and stooopid...it'll be back to normal by my next post :P

Oooh look at those!
They make my ass and boobs look MAHOOSIVE.

Now obviously I'm new to blogging and I've discovered all of these god damn craft blogs and I want to be a craft machine!.. I've seen so many things that I want to do..like, making a little collar out of feathers or lace, and a plant pot made from a toy dinosaur and a vase that you hang on the wall..AHHH... I want to do it all.

I could do with some awesome cheap crafts to use for christmas presents this year really.. I am pretty broke now seeing as I quit my job and don't have another one (lols..I can be impulsive) and as much as I love spending money on people, I don't have much to go round. If you know of any lovely crafts for a mother that likes MODERN things and is not crafty at all TELL ME NOW!!!....I think I might make her a bear, she loves bears.

Okie dokie folkies... hope you're all having a GREAAAAAT day

In a while, crocodiles xxx

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  1. i love seeing how people change their hair over the years, i wish i could have the colour you have at the moment! Alsom you have a fantastic figure. x