30 November 2011

Plaid and A Sheepskin coat

OK.. So today i'm going for a more 'casual' look than usual...which means a plaid shirt from Forever 21, a black mini and some sheer tights. The shoes were from TK Maxx, they are nicknamed 'The Witchy Shoes'....I like to wear this outfit with this coat cos it looks like I've got nothing on underneath it!

It literally just covers the bottom of the skirt. My old man gave it to me a couple of years ago so that's why it's SO huge...but that all adds to the charm ;)

I'm going to start a few new projects in the next few weeks which  i'll give mini tutorials on..here's what I have planned so far:
  • Vodka infusions (basically creating different flavoured vodkas using different fruits and what have you)
  • Spiced Blackberry Cordial for those cold winter months
  • A perfume locket (going to make solid perfume and put it inside a locket necklace (or ring)..this will probably be the first tutorial as i'm making one for my sister for her birthday which was...yesterday)
  • Body scrub and lotion
  • Lipbalm
And that's all I can think of right now... I'll probably find more, but that'll do, pig!

See you later alligators! xx

28 November 2011

Cakes and Coasters

YO guys.

I have had a hectic few weeks, no time for photos of clothes..but I do have some other photos to show you.
I've spent a while making this New York photo coasters for my mum. We went to New York last year and she's been bugging me for photos, so I thought this would be a kinda nice way to give her a couple.

These have been the bain of my life! They were meant to be black and white, but instead they're now more sepia toned. Quite simple to make, you need a tile, some photos and resin with hardener. I have got resin from a fibre glass kit...so instead of a craft version which would be clear, mine is YELLOW! (I didn't realise this when I got it...)...You need to seriously seal these photos, a lot of my first attempts sucked ass because they faded so much...as you can see these ones have faded quite a lot to this reddy colour, but this is a kinda nice look - it took about 8 coats of lacquer to get them to fade this little..instead of completely. I don't know if this is a different process with a clear resin.
Basically you get photos, lacquer them, stick em to tile, put resin on them, sand down the blobby bits of resin which form underneath the tile, stick felt to the bottom, DONE.

I also made these cupcakes. Chocolate cake with a smooth caramel centre, chocolate fudge topping sprayed with gold edible spray. YUM.
AND...this is pretty much what i've been wearing for the past week now it's cold:

Tomorrow I might do an outfit post! :D

Ciao for now xx

14 November 2011

Asos Outfits

Hi Guys,

Sorry I've been busy these past few days. I've got no outfits to show you, but I have been making ones on Asos which is very addictive.. here are some of them:

SHORT POST! It's Ben's birthday this week so i've been running around planning stuff, but i'll be back to normal next week.


08 November 2011

The Little Spaniard

Hello folks,

First of all, sorry about the quality of the full body shots, I keep forgetting that it's getting dark so much earlier and so the quality is not the greatest.
Today as you can see, I have gone WITHOUT EYELINER...dun dun dunnnnnnn!...Literally every day since I can remember I have worn liquid eyeliner, but the other night Ben kept saying that he loved my eyes without it so...I decided to give it a go. To my surprise, I don't mind not wearing it...which is good!

The look of the day has a bit of a spanish vibe going on. I love off the shoulder things so this blouse was a lovely buy...(forever 21) and the skirt was from Primark ages ago.
Oh and I have my legs crossed in this picture, hence why my feet look totally strange!

In other news, I had my second box from Graze today, full of delicious treats!.. If you type in this code (K7GJ94ZD), you can have your first box for free (and don't worry, you can cancel the rest after you've got your first one).. Its like getting a little present in the post :)

Catch ya later, hot potata xx

04 November 2011

Frilly Socks and A Tongue Tattoo


So again today, the beret makes an appearance...also these new little frilly socks which I got from New Look yesterday.  The dress is from H&M.

I had to go into town yesterday to give some money into Forever 21 so I can go to their xmas do, (HAHA).....Basically, they didn't do one for us last year and as soon as I left it was announced there would be one for this year! *grumble*.....anyway, turns out all the staff are allowed a plus one, so I am GOING to the ball afterall!...it's gonna have a red carpet and a photographer and everything..oooohhh... I already know what i'll be wearing, the only dress I ever wear for big glamourous occasions (the red one with the white frills :D)...and it's figure hugging, so i'm doing an hour a day on the exercise bike to try and tone up a bit... but maybe i'll just go and buy some magic pants aswell ;).

It's so strange going into that place and not being at work there, I kinda miss it in a way...I really need to start applying for a new job though now as my money is running out (surprise surprise)..

Ooooh and before I forget:
I bought these 'Tongue Tattoo' sweets from a sweet shop in norfolk the other week...because I'm REALLY sad... anyway, lols, I have a robot on my tongue. (Actually it's probably come off now, but nevermind)

I'm off to Manchester tomorrow as it's my friends birthday and I promised him i'll go up, so probs no posts till after weekend.. AU REVOIR! XXX

02 November 2011

Another Red Dress

Hey Guys!

Yesterday I went to a few of the charity shops near where I live. I entered one where the guy behind the till remembered me from many months ago when he told me that I looked like I'd just stepped in from a Parisian street.. (LOVELY COMPLIMENT <3) ...and this time he asked me where my beret was and started talking to me in french...to which I replied JE NE COMPRENDS PAS.... Annnnnyway, so today I decided to bring my frenchy side out again and got the beret on my head. Dress is from Forever 21, shoes are from New Look (omg...they are so uncomfortable...The size 4 = too big so I bought the 3...OUCH.)

Got a nice flower in my hair, I used to wear it all the time... it's from Accessorize and it's beautiful.
And man, I am STILL in love with this bracelet....I just LOVE IT. It's from Topshop if anyone is interested.

I am STARVIN MARVIN right now so I'm going to grab a bite to eat and do the washing up...funfunfun. Sorry, nothing much to say today!