02 November 2011

Another Red Dress

Hey Guys!

Yesterday I went to a few of the charity shops near where I live. I entered one where the guy behind the till remembered me from many months ago when he told me that I looked like I'd just stepped in from a Parisian street.. (LOVELY COMPLIMENT <3) ...and this time he asked me where my beret was and started talking to me in french...to which I replied JE NE COMPRENDS PAS.... Annnnnyway, so today I decided to bring my frenchy side out again and got the beret on my head. Dress is from Forever 21, shoes are from New Look (omg...they are so uncomfortable...The size 4 = too big so I bought the 3...OUCH.)

Got a nice flower in my hair, I used to wear it all the time... it's from Accessorize and it's beautiful.
And man, I am STILL in love with this bracelet....I just LOVE IT. It's from Topshop if anyone is interested.

I am STARVIN MARVIN right now so I'm going to grab a bite to eat and do the washing up...funfunfun. Sorry, nothing much to say today!



  1. You look STUNNING in this dress! I love the color. You're hat is really pretty too :)

  2. Love this outfit! You make me miss my Betty Page fringe.



  3. I have a love hate relationship with my fringe..I think it suits me better when it's parted but I love a full fringe too..BAHHHHHHH

  4. What a gorgeous outfit, this dress goes perfectly with your hair, and the beret suits you too (they don't suit me!) Love a good charity shop find :) xx

  5. Really cute outfit! Loving red at the moment :D