28 November 2011

Cakes and Coasters

YO guys.

I have had a hectic few weeks, no time for photos of clothes..but I do have some other photos to show you.
I've spent a while making this New York photo coasters for my mum. We went to New York last year and she's been bugging me for photos, so I thought this would be a kinda nice way to give her a couple.

These have been the bain of my life! They were meant to be black and white, but instead they're now more sepia toned. Quite simple to make, you need a tile, some photos and resin with hardener. I have got resin from a fibre glass kit...so instead of a craft version which would be clear, mine is YELLOW! (I didn't realise this when I got it...)...You need to seriously seal these photos, a lot of my first attempts sucked ass because they faded so much...as you can see these ones have faded quite a lot to this reddy colour, but this is a kinda nice look - it took about 8 coats of lacquer to get them to fade this little..instead of completely. I don't know if this is a different process with a clear resin.
Basically you get photos, lacquer them, stick em to tile, put resin on them, sand down the blobby bits of resin which form underneath the tile, stick felt to the bottom, DONE.

I also made these cupcakes. Chocolate cake with a smooth caramel centre, chocolate fudge topping sprayed with gold edible spray. YUM.
AND...this is pretty much what i've been wearing for the past week now it's cold:

Tomorrow I might do an outfit post! :D

Ciao for now xx

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  1. Those tiles look really awesome, but I'd probably never finish them because it sounds hard and I'm lazy. But you did such a great job! And now I want cupcakes. I love your fur.

    Mabel Time