04 November 2011

Frilly Socks and A Tongue Tattoo


So again today, the beret makes an appearance...also these new little frilly socks which I got from New Look yesterday.  The dress is from H&M.

I had to go into town yesterday to give some money into Forever 21 so I can go to their xmas do, (HAHA).....Basically, they didn't do one for us last year and as soon as I left it was announced there would be one for this year! *grumble*.....anyway, turns out all the staff are allowed a plus one, so I am GOING to the ball afterall!...it's gonna have a red carpet and a photographer and everything..oooohhh... I already know what i'll be wearing, the only dress I ever wear for big glamourous occasions (the red one with the white frills :D)...and it's figure hugging, so i'm doing an hour a day on the exercise bike to try and tone up a bit... but maybe i'll just go and buy some magic pants aswell ;).

It's so strange going into that place and not being at work there, I kinda miss it in a way...I really need to start applying for a new job though now as my money is running out (surprise surprise)..

Ooooh and before I forget:
I bought these 'Tongue Tattoo' sweets from a sweet shop in norfolk the other week...because I'm REALLY sad... anyway, lols, I have a robot on my tongue. (Actually it's probably come off now, but nevermind)

I'm off to Manchester tomorrow as it's my friends birthday and I promised him i'll go up, so probs no posts till after weekend.. AU REVOIR! XXX


  1. That dress makes your figure look awesome!!



  2. Ooh this look is just gorgeous - I just love your eye makeup!~