30 November 2011

Plaid and A Sheepskin coat

OK.. So today i'm going for a more 'casual' look than usual...which means a plaid shirt from Forever 21, a black mini and some sheer tights. The shoes were from TK Maxx, they are nicknamed 'The Witchy Shoes'....I like to wear this outfit with this coat cos it looks like I've got nothing on underneath it!

It literally just covers the bottom of the skirt. My old man gave it to me a couple of years ago so that's why it's SO huge...but that all adds to the charm ;)

I'm going to start a few new projects in the next few weeks which  i'll give mini tutorials on..here's what I have planned so far:
  • Vodka infusions (basically creating different flavoured vodkas using different fruits and what have you)
  • Spiced Blackberry Cordial for those cold winter months
  • A perfume locket (going to make solid perfume and put it inside a locket necklace (or ring)..this will probably be the first tutorial as i'm making one for my sister for her birthday which was...yesterday)
  • Body scrub and lotion
  • Lipbalm
And that's all I can think of right now... I'll probably find more, but that'll do, pig!

See you later alligators! xx


  1. Looking gorgeous as always Kess! <3

  2. This look is absolutely amazing!! I love it and your hair is beautiful.