07 December 2011

Freshly Dyed Hair and Little Heart Dresses

Hello hello hello...

Today I shall be sharing.. my newly brown hair:

It's pretty god damn patchy...but I'm so glad that I did it, feels so much healthier and hey, it's nice to be dark again! (apologies for non natural lighting, but it's too dark outside now)  :)

Here is the outfit I was wearing before I dyed my hair:
The dress underneath is from H&M...but I got it from a charity shop, it has cute little hearts all over it and I love it.
 Jumper is Forever 21, bag is vintage, socks from New Look, boots from Topshop.

Anyway, yeah... so I'll obviously have some better photos of my new hair up soon with some better lighting, but it's just basically a typical patchy brunette hehe.. I know a lot of the comments i've received over the past couple of months were about how nice my hair was but it was just so dry...it needed a new lease of life!


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  1. oooooo....nice hair color ....
    i want see the boots =)