13 December 2011

Old dress. New hat.

Sup guys?

Wore this ol' beaut yesterday. It was from Primark a couple of years ago... probably one of the most flattering dresses I own. It's that dress that I throw on if i'm HATING everthing else in my wardrobe (or my body). Belt is Forever 21.

There are a lot of..ahem...multitones... going on in my hair, hahah... need to put another colour over it, but will probs do that just before Christmas. Talking of Christmas, I still have SO SO SO many presents to sort out...I've just made a few hundred bucks which is cool but I think i'll be needing this for a deposit on a place in Leamington Spa (where I am moving early next year)... So I dunno. I'm going to sell some things on Ebay which i'll link to when they're up (there will be dresses and vintage mannequins). Also talking of Christmas, I went to visit my mums house to see my stepdad (was his birthday)... and my bro managed to talk her into letting us open one christmas present each (HAHA..she's a pushover..she practically forced me into opening one)..and my lovely present was this hat:


It's Jasper Conran from Debenhams and I am in love with it. You'll probably be seeing a lot more of it hehe :)

Anyways, hope you're all cool and have christmas sorted out better than me ;)

In a while, crocodiles! xxx


  1. gorgeous pattern of the gorgeous. lovely hat, really suits your hair style.


  2. That dress is gorgeous, but I am totally distracted by how lovely that hat is! Gorgeous color *__*

  3. ugh - i love the hat and its just perfect with your wavy hair. so great.
    happy new year!