11 November 2012

Photos from the past few months

Well, as I've been awful at updating this for a while I thought I'd do a post of my changing hair over the past few months. It's ginger again now but it's been a few different colours and is in god damn awful condition! Although it's getting better now I've been using Argon oil and hair masks constantly. PHEW. So here it goes, also I've done one outfit post woooooooooooooo.. :-)

The dark corally pink stage

I kinda LOVE this hair

Went to Green Man festival in Wales which was excellent. Had this wonderful shade of pink which was pretty candyfloss... I loved it. FLOWER POWER <3 PEACE <3

This is the only picture of the purple hair I had... made it by mixing the pink shade (Cerise by Directions) with a blue shade (a dark navy by Directions...can't remember what it's called)... and diluting it with a whole bottle of conditioner. Only problem was that I kept running out of the mixture so that's why it's different shades, cos I made it slightly different each time. I really wanted lilac, but I just couldn't do it.

Blonde! ...As you can see my hair was falling out at this stage, lols. Anyway...I kept the blonde for a couple of weeks but I HATED it...I just could not get used to being a blonde, really don't think it suits me...

Anyway, outfit time! I bought this amazing sparkly jumper with pockets from Primark a couple of weeks back, it's ACE. Got it in a large size cos I like it big.

Got the dress from New Look for 20 quid.. I like the collar, and it kinda makes me feel like a lil french maid ;) (Sorry these photos ain't great by the way..)

Here's me looking well happy! 

I also tried out a new hair style for the first time in ages!
Was going for a Lana Del Rey kinda look.. what do you think?

I also have to get some new booties. My beautiful green velvet ones from Topshop are falling apart. So much velvet has come off, the sole is coming away from the shoe..and worst of all...there is a hole in the top of one of them! BAH.. So I'm getting these BAD BOYS:



13 August 2012

Topshop dress with issues


So I found this dress in a charity shop the other week. It's from Topshop originally and is a really strange fit. Basically, the dress is a size 8 and I thought it would be fine because it is like a weird lycra material.. but's it weird, man. The top of the sleeves constantly fall down! I don't get it.... if anything it should be tight rather than falling down! So I have to keep tucking it into my bra straps which is a bit annoying but I really like the print and the colours and I really want to dye my hair lilac next and this dress will go AWESOME with that hair... well..it'll be very matchy matchy, but I love a good match.
Here I am looking SO happy..
My hair is pretty multicoloured and isn't quite a deep as this picture makes out....I am loving it though!

Oh la la. Hope you're all well! I'm going to Greenman festival at the weekend and I CAN'T WAIT...It'll be my first festival (at the grand old age of 24)..and I'm hoping it doesn't rain, cos I ain't got no wellies!

In a while crocodiles! xxxx

08 August 2012

New Hair

OK OK OK I know I said I would do photos and stuff yesterday, but instead I did this:


06 August 2012

Handmade "Guess Who?".KFC Cakes.Rocket Rucksacks

Hey guys!

I have so much to post, so many new outfits..well like..2 or 3 I think? Hmm anyways, I still haven't done photos cos I have been so busy really. It was my kid brothers 18th birthday the other week and I made him some AWESOME things (If I do say so myself)
1. KFC Birthday cake (not chicken flavour) - Handpainted Colonel Sanders on a slightly wonky bucket, he loves KFC.

2. Nicolas Cage customised box set

3. Personalised "Guess Who?" featuring a variety of people and characters that my brother loves (Nicolas Cage, Steven Seagal, The Irn Bru man etc etc) ....Seriously, this took me SO long to do. I had to draw each card 3 times (for the red board, the blue board and the actual cards you choose from) .... That's why the Colonel on the cake is so perfect, I had already drawn him 3 times! HA.

It was then my cousins 40th birthday and my sister came down to visit with her gorgeous kids:

(I wore the black velvet dress to both of those events LOL)

Tomorrow I am going to take some photos after work of a few outfits so I can line up some posts.. but for now you'll just have to settle for this hideous silver jacket I tried on in Zara (actually think I'm kinda working it in this photo, but it is seriously petty rank.) Dunno what is going on there at the moment, the mens stuff was just horrific...usually I love Zara Man, but stone wash ripped jeans with a beatlesque jacket...hmmm.

OOOOH and now, FINALLY...FINALLY! I just ordered the best rucksack ever. I have been looking for one for ages and now, I just found on on Etsy and yes, it's for kids: 

I get to have MY NAME on the back! I have opted for "Kess" (the first part of my last name) instead of my first name, cos that's cooler right? ;)

Anyway, I'm off.. Catch you later, hot potata x

15 July 2012

But on the inside, she's a happy goth..


Here is my fabulous £2.75 dress... ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh...

Bringing out my inner Morticia of course! ...I am a goth at heart <3

I have 2 pieces of news:

  1. I have lost my purple GHD hair straighteners... I AM GUTTED. I think someone has nabbed them out of my bag (although that does sound ridiculous)... I just saw some of the same ones on ebay and they're going for like £70 which depresses me.. I miss them so much, who knew I would feel so strongly about some hair straighteners.
  2. I start a new summer job tomorrow! 

So at least that is a bit of good news, and here is a picture of me looking deliriously goofy and happy :D

In a while, crocodiles xxx

12 July 2012

Biscuit Salami and Apple, Mint and Ginger Cordial.

Hey hey hey!

I have like 3 new outfits to post but I haven't taken photos yet..ahhh.. One is a velvet (well velour) dress that I got for £2.75 at a charity shop <3

ANYWAY though.... I've found a super new blog which I love (I've pinned so many of her posts on Pinterest) and I followed one of her recipes for Biscuit Salami... sounds WEIRD right?...well it is weird.

But it does taste GOOD!

To make you will need:

- 500g Rich Tea biscuits
- 200g Sugar
- 30g Cocoa
- 250g Butter (cubed)
- 150ml Milk
- Splash of Rum

- Beat the crap out of the biscuits till they're pretty small chunks and place in a large bowl.
- Put sugar, cocoa, milk and rum into a saucepan, heat up and mix until all combined.
- Add the cubes of butter.
- Pour chocolate mixture over the biscuits and mix until every chunk is covered.
- Put blobs of the mixture into cling film and roll up so it makes a sausage shape.
- Place in the fridge and leave over night.

The biscuits kinda go soft, a bit shortbready... Next time I make this I'm going to incorporate some caramel as it really kind of reminds me of Millionaires Shortbread.. mmmhmm.

Now for the cordial.

Right well, this cordial was not quite the massive success i'd hoped for but if you'd like to try it (and improve it?) here's the recipe:

- 5 Apples (I used Cox apples but I think maybe a stronger flavoured one would work better as the mint really overpowered the apple flavour)
- 300g Caster Sugar
- Peel from one Lemon
- 1ltr Water
- 2 handfuls of mint (now maybe use less than that as my reviewers said it tasted like Colgate LOL)

- Put the sugar, water, lemon and apples (just chopped)  in a large pan.
- Heat till it boils, add the mint and then just simmer it for about 20 - 30 mins until the apples are all mushy.
- Put through a strainer (I used a sieve and a pair of tights hehe)
- Leave to cool then put into a nice bottle, VOILA:

At least it looks pretty, right?! ...Anyway, the next day I decided to put it back on the stove with some massive chunks of ginger and some more apples and repeated the process. It now tastes a lot nicer (I think)..pretty much a ginger ale syrup. Use with some soda water, crushed ice and a wedge of lime. Let me know how it goes if you do decide to have a go at making this!


Will do an outfit post tomorrow! Hope you're all good! :)

Catch you later, hot potatas!

01 July 2012

Knock Your Socks Off!!

Hello fancy folks!

Today I've been making Apple and Mint cordial... it's a bit strange.. but quite nice...it's subtle :s,  i'll put the recipe up anyway (another time).
Anyway, I've been obsessed with socks recently. I've bought 3 pairs of these silly animal ones from Topman.. Got these lizard ones, some baboon ones and some foxy fox ones! I love them!!! They add a bit of fun to this classic look.

Socks -Topman. Shoes - Episode. Dress - H&M. Bag - Debenhams

Oops cropped my feet off again! :s


Just a quick post today!

In a while Crocodiles!

29 June 2012

Messy Updo FTW

Hey guys!

Sorry it's been a while since my last post... I seem to be constantly ill at the moment! It's just one thing after another. I managed to somehow burst my eardrum, just woke up with ear ache during the night which got worse and worse until POP....lots of blood and puss leaking from my poor poor ear.. ouchies, anyway, it's feeling a lot better now, I'm just a bit deaf. I also had a pretty nice cold to go with my poorly ear which was a pain in the ass as I wasn't allowed to blow my nose! *grumble*.... so things were looking up, but then the other night I got 19 mosquito bites on my bloody legs! WHYYYYYYYYYY.. Tsk tsk.

Anyway, just took the picture above.. I'm getting ready to go out, just pinned my hair up like that SO EASY....???! I can never normal get these things to look right first time. I have no idea where the dress is from but it has cool sleeves and is actually a dark purple velvet.. (I just used a silly effect because I don't have photoshop on this laptop to edit anything nice :s)

I've been out with my friend Jim and we took some photos last week. They would've made a good outfit post but I've already posted the outfit hahaha...but i'll share one anyway.
I've been constantly doing my nails like this:

It's a base layer of gold and then a top layer of dark red, but like..you leave a bit of gold.. it's like a reverse french tip!

I feel like I had so much more to post but I can't remember anything! I will have a think and update soon haha.

Catch you later, hot potata!

01 June 2012

Blue Eyeshadow, Red Lipstick

So guys,

Today... I have done something bad, something...really...bad... that's right, I've paired blue eyeshadow with red lipstick!! DUN DUN DUN. I mean, blue shadow in general is frowned upon, something crazy old ladies where, or middleaged ladies just 'stuck in the past'.. BUT SO WHAT?! Recently I saw Wes Andersons lovely new film Moonrise Kingdom in which one of the young stars is LOVIN' the blue shadow...and it just reminded me of Christina Ricci in Buffalo 66..and I'll just admit it right now, I like blue eyeshadow.. in fact, I kinda love it..AND.. I like it paired with red lips, it's over the top, it makes me look like a bit of a clown (see: Helena Bonham Carter in Alice in Wonderland).. sometimes I think James Franco is probably working it better than me, but you know what... I DON'T CARE!

 Oh yeah, I also did some polka dot nails... SUPER DUPER EASY (top tip: just use the end of a bobby pin to create the dots!)

I'll probably start doing more beauty stuff on this blog soon :)

Catch you later, hot potato! xxx

31 May 2012

Floppy Hats and Slutty Tights

Hey guys..

So the other day I decided to wear this little outfit. Dress from New Look (I love it..it's a hider of sins and just YEAH)....the slutty tights are also from New Look and the hat is from Topshop.

Yes, I am still wearing these same old shoes!...I can't find another mid heel that is as comfy :s

Sorry, short post today... I'm feeling a bit hungover ;)

ooh but looky, the white borders are finally gone! :D

See you later, rollerskater x

28 May 2012

Vintage Bike Ride

Hey guys,

So this past weekend was pretty fun. Been cycling in and out of town, tried an Ostrich burger for the first time (it was good!), tried some homemade nettle beer that me and some friends made (it wasn't great)....

I SAW JOHN MALKOVICH!!! Yes, John Malkovich is one of my heroes (I don't know why)...and when I found out he was performing with some opera singers and an orchestra in my hometown..well...I just had to go!...It was very surreal, but wonderful too. :D

Finally, Birmingham had its Vintage Bike Ride yesterday and it was AWESOME!...We almost didn't make it, but thankfully we turned up just on time and rode around the city with like, 50 people all dressed in lovely vintage clothes, one guy had a boombox on the back of his bike and provided the soundtrack...and then we ended up at the pub. It was perfect.

Here are a few snaps from the day: (Photos were taken by my friend Rita and Jonathan)

 Lovely shot by Rita

 There I am at the front!

Lots of people looked simply brilliant!

All of us.

I still LOVE this dress!


Anyways, so yeah that was FUN! ...

but now back to reality.. feeling a bit bummed out about work at the moment (or rather lack of it) ...I don't know what to do anymore... I don't want to do Visual Merchandising but I kinda feel like I'd be taking 2 steps backwards going back into retail as a Sales Assistant... I just don't know!! I wanted that Harvey Nics job pretty bad, but I am pretty sure I've been unsuccessful as I've not heard anything. I'm desperate for work, but can't help being picky... Ahhhhhhh..