25 January 2012

Simple Sixties and weight issues

Hey folks,

Now.....ideally, I should've done a beehive, but I just couldn't be bothered! I didn't even put any eyeliner on! So this is quite a loosely based 60s venture. Jersey swing dress (although I'm pretty sure it's meant to be a top), eye earrings and bracelet are all Topshop. Buckle shoes from Office. Bag from charity shop. Can't remember where the headband is from but it matches the dress perfectly hehe.

I'm feeling desperate to get fit at the moment and shrink down a size or two...but this feeling also makes me want to eat everything and sit on the sofa all day, it's so ANNOYING! I swear i've put on weight (although I think I look fine in these pictures...generally I think I look fine from the front, a nice hourglass shape, but from the side my stomach is too big and my arms are pretty flabtastic) but I don't have any scales and I've lost my measuring tape (I used to measure myself all the time to make sure I was staying the same 36-26-36, but I haven't for ages now..)...I'm sure if I had a gym buddy who made me go to the gym, I could do it. As it stands though, here in Leamington, I am alone! (well apart from Ben) ....I'm going to go for a bike ride in a bit to check out the park but i've got to sort out loads of shit with electric/gas/meters/going into the dark dark cellar and I'm worried that once i've got all that sorted I will just sit on the sofa, go on facebook and have a cup of tea and some biscuits! *grumble*. A few girls on my facebook have started doing a Paleo diet (I have no idea what this is)...and so i'm thinking of starting some sort of diet - the only way I've lost weight in the past is by not eating really... I didn't have an eating disorder or anything but when I was at uni and I had no money sometimes i'd just have a bowl of stock to eat for my evening meal and as I got used to this, my stomach shrank and I wasn't hungry for much more... Of course though, once I got back into the real world with real food I went back to my average sort of size which is fine but of course I prefer being a bit slimmer.
Since I've lived with Ben (and before when it was me and my dad) I've always enjoyed cooking, and I cook generally quite healthy things, I use quite a lot of vegetables and we don't even have that big of a portion...but cos of my height (5"1) I don't think I even need the portions that I eat myself even though they aren't big...and I HATE EXERCISE.... I've got my exercise bike which I managed to do an hour on every day for 1 week...1 measley week!.....bleugh...I just feel sluggish and tired and flabbly. (PS..Guys this is not a cue for you to go...''noooo you're not fat''...I'm not after sympathy, I'm after advice!)

Ramble jamble over!


Laura x

23 January 2012

Pseudo Oriental

Hi Guys,

Almost settled into the flat now, just still trying to sort out bills and stuff which is a tad frustrating. Apart from that though, we are loving this place and all the extra space! It's amazing. I'll try and do a better post tomorrow, but I was just in a rush today so I still haven't found the best place to take outfit shots...will figure it out soon!

My ma bought me this dress for my birthday earlier this month and its LOVELY...it does make me look rather pseudo oriental though - this picture is a bit ridiculous but wotevs!

Anyway, sorry for yet another brief post...but I will be back to it ASAP.
See you later, alligator! xx

08 January 2012

New Flat and a Titanic themed outfit (kinda)

Yo guys,

Just a quick message to say that I've not forgotten about this blog.... I have just been mega busy over christmas and new year. It's my birthday on friday and then I'm moving into a new flat on the monday afterwards (hopefully...just waiting for references to go through).. it's a BEAUT, man... I went viewing loads of places which were all dives, then I found this one place and really really liked it...but lost out to some smarmy arsed girls - SERIOUSLY...I had booked to view this property at 12.15 (the earliest slot) and when we turned up, 2 other couples who had a viewing at 12.30 decided to crash in on my viewing aswell... anyway, the flat was gorgeous, all newly decorated, just a little small..and I enquired about applying for it and started walking back to the estate agents...then, I saw the smarmy girls drive past me and get in the shop and apply for it before me.. I wandered in and they flashed me this snobby smile and well yeah, that's it really....they were super annoying, but I'm glad they got it because I wouldn't have gotten this place:

 The same day, after I'd viewed the other place and was moping around knowing that I probably hadn't got it, I viewed this baby..and it is lovely!...the ceilings are SO high and even though the bedroom is small the lounge just makes up for it.. OH, and it has a BATH! (I've been living for almost 2 years without one and I hate it!)...can't wait to move in.

In other news...we went down to Devon for NYE and was told the local pub were having a Titanic themed party...so me and Ben went to the only charity shop and picked up some old fashioned accessories (as we were unprepared).. I was gutted that I didn't still have my ginger hair.....my Rose costume was incomplete without that.. :P

Here's me and Ben looking wasted..even though we hadn't even got to the pub:

and here's a slightly better view of our outfits...my dress is from Forever 21.. gloves and hat were from the charity shop:

Oh and yesterday I topped up my hair colour with darkest brown....yeah it's now blue black..(and I kinda love it).