23 January 2012

Pseudo Oriental

Hi Guys,

Almost settled into the flat now, just still trying to sort out bills and stuff which is a tad frustrating. Apart from that though, we are loving this place and all the extra space! It's amazing. I'll try and do a better post tomorrow, but I was just in a rush today so I still haven't found the best place to take outfit shots...will figure it out soon!

My ma bought me this dress for my birthday earlier this month and its LOVELY...it does make me look rather pseudo oriental though - this picture is a bit ridiculous but wotevs!

Anyway, sorry for yet another brief post...but I will be back to it ASAP.
See you later, alligator! xx


  1. I love that dress! It is so cute in a playsuit too.


  2. this dress is so amazing. i'd love to have it in my own closet. ;)