31 May 2012

Floppy Hats and Slutty Tights

Hey guys..

So the other day I decided to wear this little outfit. Dress from New Look (I love it..it's a hider of sins and just YEAH)....the slutty tights are also from New Look and the hat is from Topshop.

Yes, I am still wearing these same old shoes!...I can't find another mid heel that is as comfy :s

Sorry, short post today... I'm feeling a bit hungover ;)

ooh but looky, the white borders are finally gone! :D

See you later, rollerskater x

28 May 2012

Vintage Bike Ride

Hey guys,

So this past weekend was pretty fun. Been cycling in and out of town, tried an Ostrich burger for the first time (it was good!), tried some homemade nettle beer that me and some friends made (it wasn't great)....

I SAW JOHN MALKOVICH!!! Yes, John Malkovich is one of my heroes (I don't know why)...and when I found out he was performing with some opera singers and an orchestra in my hometown..well...I just had to go!...It was very surreal, but wonderful too. :D

Finally, Birmingham had its Vintage Bike Ride yesterday and it was AWESOME!...We almost didn't make it, but thankfully we turned up just on time and rode around the city with like, 50 people all dressed in lovely vintage clothes, one guy had a boombox on the back of his bike and provided the soundtrack...and then we ended up at the pub. It was perfect.

Here are a few snaps from the day: (Photos were taken by my friend Rita and Jonathan)

 Lovely shot by Rita

 There I am at the front!

Lots of people looked simply brilliant!

All of us.

I still LOVE this dress!


Anyways, so yeah that was FUN! ...

but now back to reality.. feeling a bit bummed out about work at the moment (or rather lack of it) ...I don't know what to do anymore... I don't want to do Visual Merchandising but I kinda feel like I'd be taking 2 steps backwards going back into retail as a Sales Assistant... I just don't know!! I wanted that Harvey Nics job pretty bad, but I am pretty sure I've been unsuccessful as I've not heard anything. I'm desperate for work, but can't help being picky... Ahhhhhhh..

24 May 2012

Ants in my pants


Here's me channeling my inner Amelie...heh.
Today has been another glorious day of sunshine wahey! Yesterday I went on a bike ride with my kid brother, and then went to watch him play football... I think I may have fancied one of his 17/18yr old friends which makes me feel like a massive paedo, but wotevs!
Today I just chilled in the garden with my Fornasetti umbrella (used as parasol), lots of Sailor Jerrys and some  90s summer tunes................. it..was..bliss.

Can't remember if I've ever posted a photo of this umbrella before? ...It's god damn BEAUTIFUL and it cost a lot of pennies that's for sure...

Here's a photo of it which I took when it was cooler (hence the coat!)


Hope you've enjoyed the beautiful sunshine as much as I have...mmmmm get that vitamin D!

Dress: Charity Shop (no label)
Umbrella: Fornasetti

See you later, hot potata! xx

22 May 2012

Sleeves and Skirts

Hey guys, how you doing? Thanks for your messages in my last post :)

At the moment all of my favourite outfits seem to have ridiculous sleeves and high waisted skirts..
 (I apologise for the quality of these photos, haha.. I don't have Photoshop on the laptop I'm using at the moment and someone is borrowing my tripod so yeah...)

I'm seriously obsessed with SLEEVES...the bigger, the better. This shirt is one of my favourites (I can't decide whether I prefer this one or the mustard one in the post below, they both have epic sleeves)

Shirt: Topshop
Skirt: River Island
Belt: Forever 21
Shoes: Episode

I didn't get a close up of the shoes, whoops...they are new, and really rather nice! They're suede but with patent toes and a nice BLOCK heel (my favourite)

Anyway, it's gonna be a mission trying to catch up on all the blogs I've not read, so I better get to it eh! ;)

In a while, crocodiles xx

21 May 2012

Unexpected Hiatus

Hey guys!

I've unexpectedly been away for a while! My life took a bit of a nose dive; after two weeks of living in my beautiful new home my boyfriend decided things weren't working out and left me. AHH.. So I've had to move back with my with dad and I've had a really rough few months to be honest :(

Well, I'm trying to get my life back on track...hoping to make a fresh start in Bristol as soon as I get a new job there (I applied to be a Display Assistant at Harvey Nics over the weekend, which would be AWESOME)...I haven't really taken any photos of my outfits, but I have a couple of snapshots.

(Oh and I cut my hair of course, as you do after a break up haha)

This is one of my favourite outfits at the moment... Yellow shirt from New Look and a brown high waisted skirt from F21.. sorry for my glum expression!

Found this gorgeous Oasis dress in the sale at half price, I couldn't believe it! I had literally been after this dress for months and it had sold out everywhere....except for my beloved hometown of Solhull! (Sorry for the side on picture, I'll photograph it properly when I get back into the swing of things)

I also made my friend (who is the bride in the picture above) this decorative kite for her wedding present. I'm not sure why I thought of a kite...but I guess nobody else was going to make her one! Haha.. it's embellished with little roses and pearls and has their initials on it. IT TOOK SO LONG TO SEW!... I wish I had a sewing machine!

Anyway guys, I hope you're all fabulous! and hopefully i'll be updating regularly again soon! :)

See you later, rollerskater xx

(ps if anyone knows how to get rid of those white borders on my images can you let me know, cheers!)