24 May 2012

Ants in my pants


Here's me channeling my inner Amelie...heh.
Today has been another glorious day of sunshine wahey! Yesterday I went on a bike ride with my kid brother, and then went to watch him play football... I think I may have fancied one of his 17/18yr old friends which makes me feel like a massive paedo, but wotevs!
Today I just chilled in the garden with my Fornasetti umbrella (used as parasol), lots of Sailor Jerrys and some  90s summer tunes................. it..was..bliss.

Can't remember if I've ever posted a photo of this umbrella before? ...It's god damn BEAUTIFUL and it cost a lot of pennies that's for sure...

Here's a photo of it which I took when it was cooler (hence the coat!)


Hope you've enjoyed the beautiful sunshine as much as I have...mmmmm get that vitamin D!

Dress: Charity Shop (no label)
Umbrella: Fornasetti

See you later, hot potata! xx

1 comment:

  1. Amazing! I love that last shot, it's so beautiful.
    I must say I've having a bit of an umbrella obsession lately, a weird thing to be yearning after for sure... but when the weather is dreary, it's certainly nice to have a special treat stashed in your bag! :)