29 June 2012

Messy Updo FTW

Hey guys!

Sorry it's been a while since my last post... I seem to be constantly ill at the moment! It's just one thing after another. I managed to somehow burst my eardrum, just woke up with ear ache during the night which got worse and worse until POP....lots of blood and puss leaking from my poor poor ear.. ouchies, anyway, it's feeling a lot better now, I'm just a bit deaf. I also had a pretty nice cold to go with my poorly ear which was a pain in the ass as I wasn't allowed to blow my nose! *grumble*.... so things were looking up, but then the other night I got 19 mosquito bites on my bloody legs! WHYYYYYYYYYY.. Tsk tsk.

Anyway, just took the picture above.. I'm getting ready to go out, just pinned my hair up like that SO EASY....???! I can never normal get these things to look right first time. I have no idea where the dress is from but it has cool sleeves and is actually a dark purple velvet.. (I just used a silly effect because I don't have photoshop on this laptop to edit anything nice :s)

I've been out with my friend Jim and we took some photos last week. They would've made a good outfit post but I've already posted the outfit hahaha...but i'll share one anyway.
I've been constantly doing my nails like this:

It's a base layer of gold and then a top layer of dark red, but like..you leave a bit of gold.. it's like a reverse french tip!

I feel like I had so much more to post but I can't remember anything! I will have a think and update soon haha.

Catch you later, hot potata!

01 June 2012

Blue Eyeshadow, Red Lipstick

So guys,

Today... I have done something bad, something...really...bad... that's right, I've paired blue eyeshadow with red lipstick!! DUN DUN DUN. I mean, blue shadow in general is frowned upon, something crazy old ladies where, or middleaged ladies just 'stuck in the past'.. BUT SO WHAT?! Recently I saw Wes Andersons lovely new film Moonrise Kingdom in which one of the young stars is LOVIN' the blue shadow...and it just reminded me of Christina Ricci in Buffalo 66..and I'll just admit it right now, I like blue eyeshadow.. in fact, I kinda love it..AND.. I like it paired with red lips, it's over the top, it makes me look like a bit of a clown (see: Helena Bonham Carter in Alice in Wonderland).. sometimes I think James Franco is probably working it better than me, but you know what... I DON'T CARE!

 Oh yeah, I also did some polka dot nails... SUPER DUPER EASY (top tip: just use the end of a bobby pin to create the dots!)

I'll probably start doing more beauty stuff on this blog soon :)

Catch you later, hot potato! xxx