15 July 2012

But on the inside, she's a happy goth..


Here is my fabulous £2.75 dress... ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh...

Bringing out my inner Morticia of course! ...I am a goth at heart <3

I have 2 pieces of news:

  1. I have lost my purple GHD hair straighteners... I AM GUTTED. I think someone has nabbed them out of my bag (although that does sound ridiculous)... I just saw some of the same ones on ebay and they're going for like £70 which depresses me.. I miss them so much, who knew I would feel so strongly about some hair straighteners.
  2. I start a new summer job tomorrow! 

So at least that is a bit of good news, and here is a picture of me looking deliriously goofy and happy :D

In a while, crocodiles xxx


  1. my jaw literally dropped. 2.75 pounds. That is unbelievable! And I'm loving the gothic undertones coming out. also you have such a lovely smile. Hope your beloved GHD shows up, I know I would be pretty gutted if mine went missing.


  2. :O that dress... WOW. just wow. that dress for only £2.75? where is this magical charity shop where you purchased such an amazing bargain? :) looks lovely, and everyone loves showing their inner goth every once in a while! must read your blog more often to keep up with such cute outfits :) xxxx