06 August 2012

Handmade "Guess Who?".KFC Cakes.Rocket Rucksacks

Hey guys!

I have so much to post, so many new outfits..well like..2 or 3 I think? Hmm anyways, I still haven't done photos cos I have been so busy really. It was my kid brothers 18th birthday the other week and I made him some AWESOME things (If I do say so myself)
1. KFC Birthday cake (not chicken flavour) - Handpainted Colonel Sanders on a slightly wonky bucket, he loves KFC.

2. Nicolas Cage customised box set

3. Personalised "Guess Who?" featuring a variety of people and characters that my brother loves (Nicolas Cage, Steven Seagal, The Irn Bru man etc etc) ....Seriously, this took me SO long to do. I had to draw each card 3 times (for the red board, the blue board and the actual cards you choose from) .... That's why the Colonel on the cake is so perfect, I had already drawn him 3 times! HA.

It was then my cousins 40th birthday and my sister came down to visit with her gorgeous kids:

(I wore the black velvet dress to both of those events LOL)

Tomorrow I am going to take some photos after work of a few outfits so I can line up some posts.. but for now you'll just have to settle for this hideous silver jacket I tried on in Zara (actually think I'm kinda working it in this photo, but it is seriously petty rank.) Dunno what is going on there at the moment, the mens stuff was just horrific...usually I love Zara Man, but stone wash ripped jeans with a beatlesque jacket...hmmm.

OOOOH and now, FINALLY...FINALLY! I just ordered the best rucksack ever. I have been looking for one for ages and now, I just found on on Etsy and yes, it's for kids: 

I get to have MY NAME on the back! I have opted for "Kess" (the first part of my last name) instead of my first name, cos that's cooler right? ;)

Anyway, I'm off.. Catch you later, hot potata x

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  1. That hand made guess who game is such a wonderfull idea!!! :)

    The Marilyn Adeventures