11 November 2012

Photos from the past few months

Well, as I've been awful at updating this for a while I thought I'd do a post of my changing hair over the past few months. It's ginger again now but it's been a few different colours and is in god damn awful condition! Although it's getting better now I've been using Argon oil and hair masks constantly. PHEW. So here it goes, also I've done one outfit post woooooooooooooo.. :-)

The dark corally pink stage

I kinda LOVE this hair

Went to Green Man festival in Wales which was excellent. Had this wonderful shade of pink which was pretty candyfloss... I loved it. FLOWER POWER <3 PEACE <3

This is the only picture of the purple hair I had... made it by mixing the pink shade (Cerise by Directions) with a blue shade (a dark navy by Directions...can't remember what it's called)... and diluting it with a whole bottle of conditioner. Only problem was that I kept running out of the mixture so that's why it's different shades, cos I made it slightly different each time. I really wanted lilac, but I just couldn't do it.

Blonde! ...As you can see my hair was falling out at this stage, lols. Anyway...I kept the blonde for a couple of weeks but I HATED it...I just could not get used to being a blonde, really don't think it suits me...

Anyway, outfit time! I bought this amazing sparkly jumper with pockets from Primark a couple of weeks back, it's ACE. Got it in a large size cos I like it big.

Got the dress from New Look for 20 quid.. I like the collar, and it kinda makes me feel like a lil french maid ;) (Sorry these photos ain't great by the way..)

Here's me looking well happy! 

I also tried out a new hair style for the first time in ages!
Was going for a Lana Del Rey kinda look.. what do you think?

I also have to get some new booties. My beautiful green velvet ones from Topshop are falling apart. So much velvet has come off, the sole is coming away from the shoe..and worst of all...there is a hole in the top of one of them! BAH.. So I'm getting these BAD BOYS:




  1. I LOVE your blonde hair, I think it really suits you! But I get where you're coming from, I don't suit it either :(

    Also the new hairstyle is gorgeous! xxx

  2. Love the lana-del-rey inspired hair, you definitely have a look for pin-up. I wish my hair could stand nearly as much dye as yours - sadly even doing regularly bleaching absolutely fucks the crap out of mine so I stick to tumblr-ing pics of gorgeous candy colored hair.


  3. I haven't updated mine in ages and am just getting back into the swing of thngs. You have no idea how much these photos make me wish I was allowed to dye my hair. I desperately want bubblegum pink hair but strict parents gets in the way of that. And that purple is awesome! How long did you have it for?