04 March 2013

Victorian School Child


So, I spent the weekend in Manchester - I went to visit a couple of my friends and although the 4 and half hour megabus journey was KILLAH...I had a nice time, just wish I could've stayed longer. Whenever I seem to go to Manchester I always have to go home the next day. Gonna try to get back up during the next half term break.
Before I had to go and get the bus home I had a quick browse in some of the vintagey shops, and found this silly lil dress in Oxfam. I didn't take a photo, but originally it nearly touched the floor and had extra frills which I just cut off to try and make it a bit cuter - I think it worked and I actually really love it.
 Whaddaya reckon? It does kind of look like Pjs...haha

Don't you just love the 3 empty bottles of wine on the table? Haha..

Anyway, so..I'm also having a bit of trouble with my hair, like serious trouble. It is SO dry...and there is nothing that makes it better! I've tried argan oil, no heat, olive oil masks, no silicone shampoos... I DUNNO WHAT TO DO! The top half of my hair has broken off so it looks like I have shit layers, which I hate....so I keep pinning them back (kind of adds to my 'Little House on the Prairie' look today ;) )....does anyone have any advice? (and no jokes about the fringe please :P)

Finally, today I signed up to Glossybox cos it seems AWESOME.. I love make up, beauty products and surprises...so I'm looking forward to my little present every month. I think I'm really behind with this trend but if you haven't heard of it...basically you pay about 10 quid for a box, they deliver you samples of new beauty products by good brands and it's surprise what you get.. If you wanna sign up or have a look, click this link.. (if I get 5 people to sign up I can have a free box, SO SIGN UP BITCHES!) ahem..Glossybox

That's all from me! ADIOS xxxx

26 February 2013

clown coat


Yes I've been awful, but promise I'll get back to regular posts soon! For now, a quick update!
I got a sweet new coat from Romwe:
Pretty much completely in love with it... got an old Forever 21 blouse on underneath. I was going for a bit of a clown look I guess... :s

Can't remember where the gloves are from!...but I also wore my Jeffrey Campbell boots <3

Love them so much.

In other news, I wore this for valentines:

tee hee